MaxSez: What Am I/ CLOSED- No Winners, a sorry lot! (It's not an APU it's an ASU, see last comment for correct answers.)

MaxSez: Common GSE seen at an airport. What am I?
(Must ID both for a win)


One on the left a fuel tug ?

It’s aviation related so it goes in #real-world-aviation. I’m sure that Max knows what he’s doing.


MaxSez: @Xpheros… Dealers choose! I prefer a pure aviation related category for this type topic.

APU? Not sure about the thing on the right.

The top image is an air start system and the bottom one is some sort of baggage loader (?).

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first one gpu second one tug?

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First one is a sealed unit for transporting business class passengers so they don’t have to mix with the proles in coach. It’s a sterile container with champagne and oysters on tap and soothing music piped in.

The second is a tug for moving long haul pilots to the cockpit from the pilot’s lounge. Due to long hours sat behind the yoke, pilots legs have atrophied over the years and as a result ambulatory progress is slow. It has been suggested that the cabin crew carry them to the aircraft on a litter but it was felt that their egos were large enough as it is and as such it was safer to carry them on in a glorified pallet truck.

Do I win a prize?

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@Leodhasach… MaxSez: Your the Best my old friend! Knew you where out there some place. Extremely pleased your mind is still active and agile loving in that dank dismal climate you reside in. I’m told on a clears day you can see almost 3 clicks (Kilometers). Keep the faith Brother, it alway a rewarding experience when you lay on that old Celtic shuttle rye humor. Sorry no prize, just Warmest Regards

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Left a ground power unit and right a small electric tug for lighter GA aircraft?

Dank and dismal? Aye that’s one word! Although I was kicking myself for not having the dslr with me on way into town earlier. The full moon over the loch was just stunning.

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@Rapture_Actual… Close but no cigar. Look again at the white unit. Note the yellow and black hose. 2d time is charmed! Regards

Max’s Answers:

The white box is an “Air Start Unit” Note the Yellow & Black Air Hose (not black cables like an APU). The unit is hooked up to number one engine and blows high pressure air into the jet (Turbine) engines 1st stage (N1) via a nacelle port. It spins the 1st stage turbine which has fins to facilitate initial compression and ignition (start)…

The Cart is an electric Tow Motor utilized to reposition light/medium wgt aircraft in confined spaces like a hanger or a confined apron where larger GSE (Ground Support Equip.) would be inappropriate. Note the Ramp/Jaw at the front, it’s a lift + universal coupler, it will fit the nose wheel Hub/Tow assemble for most light to medium weight aircraft. (A Tow Bar hooked to a “Tug” unlike the Tow Motor is routinely not universe, in some cases the pinion is model specific.)

Learn the Function of the GSE utilized on ramps worldwide. Fly like a Pro. Gooday

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At least I got the first one correct haha.

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Had I seen this I would have got them all correct. Bummer.

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