MaxSez: Training Server Controllers “Get A life”!

MaxSez: I’ve been forced to fly LAX, JFK and SFO on the trainers, the only full service ATC offered at these choice location for years. I’ve flown these routes and procedure so often I now fly them in the dark with one eye closed just to experience full service in North America. How about Hi-Temp; SeaTac, Atlanta, Miami, Denver etc. I note the same comfortable faces in the 4 Terminal ATC positions at the field cited. They really need some diversity and challenges to get them set for the big time. When you feel ready get a life boys and girls, IF has the world, use it. The Professional Benefits riding a 1 trick poney are marginal at best. Regards All, Max Sends

“Build it, They will come”!


You could use the Global Request Thread. I do agree though, people need to move away from JFK, LAX and SFO and branch out to offer global service. So many people control coverage could be achieve


Don’t forget about Heathrow. 😉


Heathrow is filled with a bunch of noob controllers and make me go around SO MUCH


“North America “ on this one Nick. We’ll strike out at the Trainer’s in EU & Asian lack off diversity soon. I’m sure most of those home folk drive old cars and eat rice with a fork. Regards, Max


Old friend, I won’t ask you how you got ‘forced’ to training server, but one way to get some good airports and help trainee controllers is to scan the ATC tracking threads and fly for trainee ATCs and give them some Maxsez feedback ☺️


Finally the voice of reason is now upon us can I get an alleluia

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Noted. ATC Tracking Thread. That new to me, thank for the tip. I’ll give it a shot and feed back. As a matter of interest is the thread sponsored by IFATC. If not is it catch as catch can or curricula driven?
Warm Regards Compadre. Max Sends


Each individual ATC tracking thread is primarily to allow future IFATC’s to develop their skills and get other expert grade ATC’s to visit their session and leave their comments…however the general Global ATC tracking thread is only for the training server and can be any size airport that has at least a tower position so if you leave a request for service hopefully you might be lucky enough to get some quality of service… finally as a comment l want to leave this… do not attempt to try to be an app/dep controller on the TS unless you are going to stay for at least thirty min… anything less is a waste of time for someone else who is serious about learning that skill !


And EHAM. But also, when I was on training and still today on expert, I so wished that KAUS got featured on a weekend. The whole day could be Texas Themed.

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This is exactly why I like to move to smaller airports, especially ones I’ve been to like Myrtle Beach (KMYR), Daytona Beach (KDAB), Norfolk (KORF), Portland (KPWM), Naples (LIRN), Venice (LIPZ), etc. I agree that it is a good way to prepare yourself for different factors.


@Joseph_Spinner… MaxSez be lookin for you in SWF. My home field is “Page” KFMY, a GA muni. KRSW, “SWFl” a B is next door. Do good work. Regards, Max


We need more ATC service at SJC
It’s not always SFO yet people on training always fly there :(


You’ll see me there some time soon!

Most of my regional flights are out of KMYR. It’s an awesome little airport considering I live right near it.


Hey there,
Since this is the training server, most of the people doing ATC want to go to heavy airports traffic wise (KLAX, KSFO, KJFK, etc). I don’t believe this will ever change since the ATC’s goal is increase in operations and better knowledge, other airports will almost no traffic wouldn’t offer this. It does sound like a great idea, I agree but I don’t think it will ever happen unfortunately, sorry.

This is where you are wrong

Most of the people doing ATC would want to go to the CROWDED airports like the ones you give in the example
This is because they are more popular and people know them better.

Can’t believe SFO has to be a part of it >:(

Like I said, SJC really needs to grow in popularity. I’d be happy if it was as popular as SAN

Sorry my mistake, you are correct, I just realised.

Yea i fly LAX n SFO n im wondering how to do the threats thingy bc oooooo they really be pissing me off sometimes, im almost a grade 3 too

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@BigBert10… “Build it they will come”! Like Expert wonder lust draws a crowd. Use the status table as a guide. Locating an Active ATC is not brain surgery. Regards Old Friend, Max