MaxSez: Training ATC's Pls Check yr 6 & XMit Shift Chg!

MaxSez: How I saw it; Excellent Trainer ATC Service out of LAX in a commuter scooter. Arrival SFO doomed to failure due to unannounced shift changes (Controller replacement) with obvious loss of situation awareness and failure to brief and publish/XMit personnel change by the new guy. New Tower lost me on 10 mile preseading Tower cleared Visual Final with eventual side by side parallel touchdowns. Confusion rained all the way in with number 2 rapidly closing.
Insufficient rway length to initiate go around, just pulled the plug!
(My Call sign “Rouge 711)

That’s the lead in, here’s the Bottom Line; let me suggest prior to taking the seat Training ATC must become situational aware. Controller Change’s must be broadcasts. Pass the word on the Training ATC circuit, “Be Prepared” nufff said…
Mad Max Is watching, g’day…


Sorry you had to go through that confusion, Max. Hope your flight went well though!

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And that’s why you should never fly to SFO, especially on training


Hopefully, you were able to sort the confusion out on your own

That happend the other day at Cyyz people got so confused the atc kept jumping in and out of the control tower

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