MaxSez: The Great Circle & Map Reading

MaxSez: Just followed an interesting Topic with numerous responses dealing with Map reading, surprised by the lack of basic navigation expertise. So here’s one for the fledgling aviator;

In the real world every aviator must know how to read a map and use a compass. If you can’t suggest you take a basic map reading course on line. Map reading is a life skill. An aviator must understand map projections like a UTM (Universal Transverse Mercader) and a PP (Polar Projection) ar a minimum. Understand how Latitude and Longitude & Grid Systems work. What a Declination Diagram is and how it works to determine True from Magnetic North. Basic navigation skills and what Sectional and High Altitude Charts are for example. All are essential. Garmin, TomTom Ect,. GPS is not infaulable, they get broken or are prone to spurious emissions and MIJI at the most unexpected and critical time. Just Sayin…

(FYI: Map/Charts are grafic representations of the earths surface draw to scale on a flat surface. Map/Charts are routinely draw with " true " North at the top. The Polar Projection is unique it a spheroid with North at its center)


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