MaxSez: Restore the C-208’s STOL Capability! (Enable its Reverser)

MaxSez: The Original Caravan (pitch) Reverser was disabled during an update a year or more ago. With the inclusion of the Dash & 130, Turbo Prop (pitch) Reverser operations have proven themselves well within the capabilit of the community, no matter their skill level. Accordingly, please consider restoring the Caravans STOL capability by enabling its (pitch) reverser by hot fix or include this minor tweek in the next update.


Dash 8’s don’t have reversers whilst flying?

Actually I think they do just by changing the pitch of the prob. I was on a company flight where the tower told the pilot to slow down for spacing and she enabled reverse pitch by changing the pitch of the props


There is no need for reverse thrust. Besides, the airframe is not built for it, and it would stall it.

I’m astounded by your lack of technical knowledge. Maybe you should hit the books as you like to say.


Sounds like some of you could use a hug. Just a nice big hug. Maybe go outside and meet some people. Get some vitamine D.

Or, make a career of trying to prove each other wrong while being as condescending as possible. I guess that’s an option as well.


MaxSez: Right @jasonrosewell I know better! But 15 year olds who are full of themselves, defy logic continually and snipe at there betters must keep in mind that age and experience will always overcome the growing pains of Adolescence. Back to the Topic which deserves consideration. Accordingly, my rude but technically accurate learning related comments deleted. Let the boy eat cake!


Second this.

Yes, it would be great to have thrust reversers in flight!

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So it’s more of changing to pitch of the prop to create drag to slow the aircraft down without actually going into reverse. Still creating forward thrust with the pitch changed to create lots of drag to make it seem like it’s going into reverse. Just talked to a dash 8 pilot about it

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There not TR. there variably controlled props meaning the pilot has a lever that he or she can change depending on what aspect of flight it is. So there changing the angle of the prop blades to slow