MaxSez: No No's on the Expert Server

MaxSez: Been flyin a couple of days and don’t recall ever seeing a commercial airliner practice flyin the pattern or doing practice Touch or Stop and Goes at a Hub Cat “B” Aerodrome in the real world, why do it on the Expert?. Most majors own or lease practice fields or airspace out in the boondocks for aircrew Familurization and Proficiency. As for GA, Biz’e “B” prefer GA business during off peak. Most low performence GA routinely utilize “B” satellite fields in the metro area’s. In the real world GA pilots avoid the “B” cause their frugal. Gas & JP is cheaper at the satellites and the servicing FBO’s cater to GA crews exclusively cause they like the cash flow. Bottom line; Trash Haulers use the metro’s for practice. GA’s fly the “B” at O dark thirty or off peak. It’s the Professional thing to do! Just Sayin!


I’m trying to say this in the nicest, and I mean nicest way possible. I’m asking serious questions.

Can somebody please explain to me what this means or what this has to do with the title? I can’t understand because I just woke up. 😞


Frankly I can’t understand because of the grammar.

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@FlyFi @Noroftheair he is pretty much saying don’t fly patterns at alpha airports & bravo when busy only when they are quiet.


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@FlyFi@Noroftheair… MaxSez: Bottom Line don’t practice with no stinkin trash hauler (airliner) at a busy Expert Hub Catagory B airport like LAX & JFK ect. Do your practice , Pattern & T&G’s work with a commercial airliner out in the sticks at a ATC Serviced metro field like Oakland in SoCal etc. GA (General Aviation) like a 172 or 208 should not utilize a HUB B at peak hours and utilize a satillite field for practice, . GOT IT? ((Google has an “aviation language, acronym & abbreviation” library., suggest all fledglings learn the language of aviation. It’s a good thing!


Btw it’s ok to do touch and goes at a big airport they are quicker than landings it’s just stop and goes I do not advise as they are very iratating.

Pretty sure max has a license in the real world, dont quote me on that. But what he is saying is completely correct


To translate for the younger ones:

DONT fly patterns at LAX in commercial aircraft, move out to Palmdale or Ontario etc. do the equivalent on each map.

DONT fly your GA aircraft into LAX, let alone with 8 heavies steaming in on final at a busy time. Fly into hawthorn or Santa Monica instead. Again, use the equivalents on each map.

Side note: if you’re constantly flying patterns in commercial aircraft, find yourself a new hobby.


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