"MaxSez"; Latest Change "BLEEP HOT" Out!

I’m not a Trash Hauling kind of guy but I really like the Baby Busses! The Autoland feature got my attention! First time out I nailed a windy approach & recovery at the Springs! A technological marvel in my book. Impressed with the runway upgrade, by the book FAA markings & great big Threshold Numbers. Been asking for the numbers for years. They keep me honest and as they say in Naval Air “Good Traps are on the Numbers”! A tip of the Hard Hat to the hard working folk in the Runway Improvement Shop. Your hard work made my day and I’ll think of you when I’m down wind for touch and goes when I get disoriented cause I’m old! Still looking for that propeller driven Trash Hauler, more GA’s and Up Graded Hanger Queens. “Do Good Work”! Max Sends
(Your Comments & Observations Please)


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No thanks gone there now ! Max

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Carrier Decks KNKT (MCAS MIRAMAR) Rwy 24L. KNXP (MCAF 29 Palms)
Rwy 10. (Courtesy Rotate who spotted them first)

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Max just hit the deck at 29 Stumps in a F/A-18. Right Brake at 2 miles, all down at 3/4 miles. 3* down bubble, chop throttle just before the round down,
Insure you set brake on with the gear down, hand on throttle and full reverse when rears touch, trap. Bolter, full throttle, lift, alt, clean up go around. Do it again until you get it right.