MaxSez: Giveme!, Giveme! Giveme! Reality!

MaxSez: We all know the Dev’s have been hard at it on Global, an enormously task for all concerned. I look forward to it. But let’s not get side tracked. I view refined infrastructure and quality inventory aircraft the hallmark of this platform. It appears the production of requested new aircraft models and the reworks has fallen in the crack.

I’m a GA kinda guy! But I can fly the inventory! The primary reason I can fly both is they all have the same cooky cutter Cockpit Control Layout for a start. HUD’s in every airframe etc, where’s the challenge! What about the Hanger Queens that gather dust which need updating etc. The list goes on. That list deserves Emphasis, not another Aircraft of any type in the present inventory after the Tri-Hole’r till the inventory get some attention. I recognize buyer demand runs this train, the majority want to be Captains and suck thru the air in there individual model/paint job of choice. Unlike most here’s my bottom line; just provide a realistic environment and a replica animated aircraft model that conforms to its design characteristics, . Any verity will do, vintage or futuristic, no failures, known dog’s, or PR stunt planes like the Concorde, the Edsel of the 70/80’s. if it’s got 4 engines give me 4 Throttles, if it dated give me working steam gage’s, the whole inventory needs animated features, do the upgrades on the Hanger Queens before you push a new inventory addition. We don’t need no stinking additional airframes now. We need precision craftsmanship applied to what we got! Just Sayin, what say you?


Exactly the point. We need to keep things real and consider what the devs can do and be grateful for the work that they are doing.


Thats pretty cool, having analogs on screen button to go with the aircaft im flying sounds great.

Since they have started on engine start buttons, it seems promising that one day more throttle levers could be added ^^

Having global and all its really great as it comes, just hope that the taxiways could be lighted for the next major project xD global scenary with night time might just go well together.


@Yunkeru. MaxSez: Thanks for the contribution. Was told a year or so ago that the blue Taxiway Light where installed at build out but not activated. No reason given why the where not activated. Looking at my Log Book I note that les than 10% of my multi-hours are nite flights because of bad ambient, sky, ground lighting. This area needs attention!


Im pretty sure that would mean a fairly advanced multi-touch UI would have to come into play. While i agree that the quality of our current inventory needs improved, i would much rather see the training server reformed into a more conducive environment for learning, rather than its current state of casual server 2.0… we need users to learn the basics before we can even start to get them into the more advanced controls and improvements you are asking for here.

Like i mentioned, i do agree, but there are more pressing matters and therefor we should hold off on this for now. Ive pointed this (the training server) out before and even made a feature request for it as well. Check them out below


This is a very valid point. At the same time this is a business that makes money to support the lives of the devs. While improving the old models will make them better you can make a larger profit margin with new.


MaxSez: @Nichalas_Petranek … Appreciate your response. I was expecting opinion and comment addressing my original thought not a rehash or a platform for a repeat of your previous screeds on TS-1, Training, letters addressing all of IF’s faults, Fledgling Ed etc.

So what do you think of the inventory and the fact that we don’t need no more stinking additional airframes?


Well like I’ve mentioned, I do agree that the current inventory could use a major quality upgrade. Regarding the difference in gauges between each aircraft, a good place to start for a comparison is

Regarding the multi-engine/multi-throttle, I don’t think it would be very practical on phones as it would take up a bit of screen space. It would be more ideal for tablets only. Even then, it still requires a fairly advanced multi-touch UI having to support up to 5 touches at the same time. Developers may be better off just adding yoke/throttle support… this one is a tricky subject and I would be interested to hear Laura’s or Philippe’s input on this.

Regarding current lineup in the selection menu, we don’t need any more Boeing or Airbus. I would like to see more GA, Military, and jets by other manufacturers just to have a more complete spread amongst makers. I’m on both sides of the fence for this one.



I agree 100%, a lot of the air frames need to through a serious D-Check; improved physics, wingflex, 4k textures, air-frame specific features, more liveries, essentially everything we’ve come to expect since the 787, and C130 set the benchmark. There’s a lot of catching up to do, and it could be 1 to 2 years before everything is on a level playing field.

The tricky part is how do you go about renewing the aircraft, without alienating a part of the user base. I know that the A330 rework has long been talked about, and in general, Airbus could use some more love, but the flip side is the Boeing crew are saying that the 737, 757, and 767 need the rework urgently. And then there’s your beloved GA aircraft, which I happen to never fly, but they’re important as well, as that’s how everyone starts on the path towards getting one’s wings.

Lots to do, but very excited about what’s coming after global.


I don’t really understand… are you trying to talk about the hud or that you want a rework?

@Aussie_Cockatoo… MaxSez: ya gotta learn Yankee lingo Mate! I want a complete rework of all the aircraft in the inventory. Those designed with HUD’s ok but if they should have Flight Directors rework them, install working instruments glass or steam gages. Got the idea? I fly… Regards


Then why is this in Live ?

This is a kind of similar case to what happened to the KLM B772 (still waiting btw), and the KLM, BA and United liveries on the 789. It’s probably because of a bug or something, but still.


@Nichalas_Petranek… MaxSez: Great minds ! Been following your input appears we are singing from the same sheet music just a different tune.
Appreciate your well balanced response and the fact that you took no offense to my snide earlier response. Be seeing ya… Regards


@nicochile2… Don’t like the category you may change it when you achieve regular, LOL… Dealers Choice for now. It’s not a bug Nico, it’s the long to do list, Short Staff and the desire for ElDorado! Remember, He who holds the members gold makes the rules. MaxSez, and thanks for stopping by me amego. Regards.


Yeah I agree that FDS should add working instruments. That would make the cockpit view better and not just be a hud with some “windows”

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just remember that FDS is trying so hard to finish global, try and give requests after the global update so that the devs don’t pull there hair out to satisfy you all. I would also love working instruments in the cockpit, but patience is the key here.


That gave me a good laugh!

Totally agree that working instruments should be a priority. I have an interesting poll, and I am curious about the results:

Which would you prefer to see next?

  • Working instruments
  • More ‘exterior features’ i.e. doors, improved lighting, landing smoke, etc.
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Actually, I want to vote for both of them. I want landing smoke and interior working things! Can’t pick one over another ☹️


I think the only reason why the KLM, BA and United liveries came first on the -10, and the -9, was for IF to get people to buy the -10, as they knew it would be the least popular of the set, and there weren’t that many liveries for it, and knew that those three liveries were very popular among users. I’m also pretty sure that at some point, IF showed a picture of an American 777-200ER in the new livery, and it never showed up in the update, which is a shame.


@Javier_Blancas. MaxSez: There some truth to your comment I’m sure. Keep in mind FDS is a Business. Sustainability is there a goal.

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