MaxSez: Aviation Social Norms & Common Curtesy Expected Here! (+Video)

MaxSez: For all professional pilots there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. “It demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. It is a camaraderie sans sentiment of the kind that men who once sailed uncharted seas in wooden ships must have known and lived by” That said let’s keep in mind that Guild Members always follow the Golden Rules of life.

Flat Hatting in a Fighter nap of the earth at 500Ft above an active airdrome at Mach+8 is kid stuff, Cutting in a lineup or copping a short final in a Daisy chained approach is what bully’s display when no one watching, who’s your Daddy, he was supposed to tech you manners. Ect. These antics are rife on the Trainer and by the wanna be’s on un-manned Exp!.
KNOCK IT OFF Hotshot/Rookie/10%'er!

You get the Idea, knowledge and good Aviation social graces are expected by those who fly even “Sports Pilots” and “Simmers”
Now here’s a video. This was not taken on the Trainer. It’s real world… The Perp got an FAA downer. Stupid is as stupid does, Saw this trick at an unmanned EXP “B” airport recently…

G’day, MaxSends


I also watched this video yesterday, crazy stuff here. Not sure if the pilot is blind as a bat or just really eager to lose his license…


I don’t see anything wrong, it’s just a cirrus pilot doing its things


I mean, we’ve had GA aircraft fly over planes on taxiways and zip under more planes on taxiways, so I’m just gonna wait for “Cirrus Aircraft Taxis into 737 Landing Gear, Mistaking it for a Ramp”


I am sure that the Cirrus pilot forgot he wasnt on Casual server


This is social distancing on a whole other level.

Other than that, this is really idiotic. This looks like Casual Server, but in real life.

piloting skills have left the chat


What would happen if the cirrus pilot accidentally clipped the A320’s engine?


Either nothing or a big boom boom.

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or just Engine detaches?


Obvious joke, probably some dents and whatnot. Enough damage to warrant a shutdown and a reprimand and flight status removal from the pilot.

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Haters will “can’t pull the chute on that one

I mean, cirrus pilots are the Florida man of aviation

Definitely not, you can’t be a mean person when you fly such a nice bird. It’s just that some people feel too comfortable :^)

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Do you mean TaRmAc?

No I mean ramp I’m not a 20 something news anchor

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