MaxSez: Audible Master Warning Additions Required

“Stall, Stall, Stall” we’ve all heard that audible warning and noted the text master warning displayed along the top of the screen in cockpit view an reacted appropriately. With the introduction of the scoring/violation system I and a few others I’ve spoken to off line have been plagued by Ground & Airborne Overspeed violations due to Pilot Error; caused by inattention,workload distraction or out of cockpit & in Chart view when the Overspeed occurs. When Overspeed’s occur the text warnings appear oh so briefly and goes unseen if not in cockpit view. Reaction time to correct the error is significantly diminished without an audable “warning horn” thus the violations mount up and we yoyo. Another feature that needs an Audible is Auto Pilot failure, it spuriously drop of line without either textual or audible master warnings, another violation getter. Accordingly, I suggest an Audible Warning Horn or Voice Over be programmed for both Overspeed’s & AP failure in the next update.

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Is this what you’re on about Max?

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But its not talking about stall warning or pull up. Merge it?

I’m trying to decode what Max said first before I decide haha


Now that the smoke has settled let’s get this one back on track. Max

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think its a great idea! Been caught out myself a few times like that I can only blame pilot error!!

As well as AP Failure would also need we the AP is disconnected on purpose…that’s more of a ‘nice to have’ rather than essential for when it turns it self off!

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