MaxSez: “Alone and Unafraid” Practice makes Perfect”.

MaxSez: Was mesmerized last eve passing Burmuda Dunes my practice fields SW of Palm Springs in the CA high desert. On radar return and eye ball watched “Laredo Dupree” put a 172 thru it’s paces for about 15 minutes. Donuts, aerobatics thrilling stuff. In my opinion straping on a light GA is the only way to hone one’s skill as a high flyer. Point to points Trash Hauling in a big fat automated turbine aircraft not an aviator makes. Look at the incident stats. Pilot Error, You loss hands on flying skills when you just sit back push buttons and auto-land every time, that’s an incident accident hallmark. Well Done Lando Here’s a BZ you earned it.
(Lando has no msg address thus this public acclamations)
Max Sends


Well, over the past couple of days you really pointed out your opinion about „Trash Haulers“, you don’t like them. But may I ask what the point of this topic is? Can’t really get it.

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To display a pilot who had successfully used a GA plane and pushed it to its limits, and to encourage others to do the same to improve their airmanship.


A lot of people prefer airliners more than general aviation aircrafts (including me) and topics like these help people get different kinds of thoughts in their heads and encourages them to go and try out new stuff with general aviation aircrafts putting aside airliners for a moment.

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@Mats… Blue Panda got the point! Unfortunate fyou missed the bonhomie. Pars it, go slow line by line next time you to tune in.
I Fly Big fat mothers all the time, but I Aviatie in GA, there is a distinct difference don’t ya know. G’day Max


I agree with this 100%. So many people pay good money for IF (even more for IF Pro) yet they have no idea how to fly. Many people seem to expect the aircraft to fly by itself from takeoff until landing (some people even try to use autopilot on the runway to takeoff).

You should start in IF by learning the basics of flight in a GA aircraft, then move onto the other aircraft.

Infinite Flight is a flight simulation game, not an airliner passenger simulator.


I can say that I myself have spent hours upon hours on Solo mode, trying my best to master different sets of GA. To be able to take them to the extreme (many of those tests are because Max’s posts encourage me to), doing aerobatics, sharp, sharp turns, high pitch ascends, and stall recovering. I then put my knowledge and training on airlines, the ones I use the most but over the course of years, I’ve honed to take commercial jets of any kind to the absolute limits, and then just pull back the throttle to only let the adventure begin. Time to recover stalls one the mos challenging parts of getting that tube back flying in the again.

Starting out in a GA, testing your way forward, and mastering the skills of handling the aeroplane in different circumstances, as mountainous terrain, short landing strips and in high altitude performing acrobatics to finally have mastered how to fly an airplane gracefully, ultimately land it smoothly, only then you can call yourself a pilot.

I myself, today rarely fly GA, but when I do, it is a thrilling sensation, but to compensate as much as possible for the days of not flying GA, I hand fly as much as possible of my Long Hauls, and try to fly as many short hauls as I can, very short, short hauls, to maximize my time flying larger jets by hand as well.

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Leave it to Max to say the stuff that some wouldn’t dare to say. 👏🏼A skillful hand makes a great pilot. An autopilot makes a complacent pilot. Knowing when and when not to use automation is the key to a well rounded pilot.



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