Max's FltLog: The Perils of Dysoe-Q

Max’s FltLog: The Perils of Dysoe-Q (Spitfire MkVIII, No. 73 Sqd/Code ZP-Q/ Call Sign: Dysoe-Q (Battle of Britian Archives)
1500z out of GranCase (TFFG) for a FAM/Recert hop on the Advanced in the leeward’s. Flying Spit ZP-Q. Filed a Departure via 10 with a transition leg over the Princess (TNCM) to the airspace 30 miles north of the Island for aerobatics (hard deck FL50) followed by a SE leg to Anguilla for T/G 's and a recovery leg NW for a RON at the Princess on 10. Outbound leg uneventfull, transition approved at FL50 with a handoff to Approach by the Princess Tower smooth as glass. (This was a Sunday flight and everybody and his brother was zooming around in a Trash Haulers, I counted 3 light aircraft in the region on the plot. The Aerobatic and T&G legs where Approach monitored VFR, The Transition and RON legs where controlled by the Princess Tower)… Upon completion of 15 minute of aerobatics turned SE for Aguilla and recd the first of 3 “Your in Controlled Airspace” Challenged from the Princess. I was checked in to Approach VFR. From the Plot it was obvious the unnamed controller at the Advanced node had his hands full, I gave him a Standby hopeing he’s coordinate with Approach or check the log. I was bordering on a ghosting for violating instructions and/or unauthorized entry into “B” positive VHF controlled space. I stayed with Approach and flew 15 minutes of T/G’s at Anguilla after FreqChg’s with the controlling agencies. Everything went to hell on the RON leg. Called Inbound to the Princess overhead Anguilla (22 miles) no response. ( Princess Tower was working a heavy lineup of both inbound & outbound Trash Haulers. I expected delays.) Continued inbound for Princess 10. Called in bound again at 15 miles on the western perimeter of there outer circle. No Responce. Heavy comm traffic noted on the Tower freq, extended downwind Princess 10 for the ILS intercept fix and when I captured the localizer (10 miles) I called a Right Base & inbound, No Responce. Continued inbound, Called inbound at 6 miles, noting a 6 mile seperation in the inbound flow, hoping to get sequenced in, No response. Called 360, did a 7 mile 360 noted a large gap in the inbound flow and a snarl at the taxiway entrance to the keys. Called Inbound, No Responce. Flew out bound to the ILS fix, Call inbound at the end of the pack, No Response. Threw up my hands, expecting a ghosting and just for grins and chuckles call “PanPanPan” Inbound started the leg, No response, back to the ILS fix, Inbound Calling “Mayday”, no response, no ghosting, no excuse! I recovered at Grand Case. I’m staying on the Playground, it’s obvious if your not flying “Streight In” in a Trash Hauler Towers don’t want to be distracted by light aircraft. Hope our Controllers stay with simulators, they’ll get a very cold welcome from the GA community in the real world as things are now on both the Playground and Advanced. Just Sayin, Max Sends ( bring on the flax… I have my bullet bouncer on)

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Hey Max,
Are you sure your radio work? 😄
I’m joking, you know, a lot of guys are still learning, be patient. 😉

If I was to fly live, I’d stick to the little airports if I had little planes. Seems really awkward landing a Supermarine Spitfire at SXM :joy:.

Best, Boeing707

(@Henry205) Good to see you on the forum. Lotta good stuff here and worth while reading periodically. I Post the log, cast a few stones see were they land.
Looked for you today in your time frame out of Miramar. Did’t see you but chased an F-14 from the coast to Palm Spring. Beat up on him doing "Split S’es. If you don’t know the Split S & Rooling Scissers maneuvers, look them up on the Web. You’ll need to know them if we meet up in a fighter dual. Regards, Max

(@Boeing707). Not you to Boeing! You sound like one of those Aviation Corporate Types or an ATC careerist who believe General Aviation (GA) is a parasitic growth. From an IF prospective were but at a major airdrome can I get ATC Services? 1 or 2 municiples may man up down around Diego on a slow day but the majority of the Majors are usually the only game in town. Flying GA into a class “B” is a daily occurrence, thousand of light aircraft use the majors services (FBO’s) daily and are handled with care. (when was the last time you read a Wake Turbulance Incidant report, GA V Trash Hauler) This senerio is not the state side norm. The Princess (TMCM) is the Hub for the Leeward Islands. It’s got the best field services in the region, a cheap FBO and great bars, beaches and restaurants right across the street from the field Etc Ect… The bottom line, stop discriminating against GA everybody. Just think if GA’s were banned from Class “B” hundreds of Signature Aviation FBO’s would has to close. You’d be responsible for A GA march down Penna Ave and civil unrest at the Aviator Bars. Regards, Max Sends

It’s not that I hate GA aircraft at huge airports, they just look awkward. They Pipers and Cessnas are always a cute sight to see.

Two stories for ya (Both planesoptting JFK).

  1. At the Panera Bread parking lot if that rings a bell. A British Airways Boeing 747-400 with those massive and awesome RR engines roars by. A couple minutes later, the cutest little Pilatus PC-12 comes puttering down. So cute and small-I had to do a ton of cropping! Best part is, I spotted that exact aircraft 2 years previous at CQX (Chatham Municipal Airport).

  2. Standing at “The Mounds” (Best planespotting location in NYC in my opinion) watching 22L receiving arrivals. A DL 767-400ER flies in from Venice. Rather slow day overall with planes coming in every 15-20 minutes or so. Then out of the blue a little Cessna 208 Caravan seaplane with the landing gear down (Of course) comes by. Never thought I’d see a Cessna 208 Caravan or a seaplane (With land capabilities) land at JFK :joy:.

Only GA aircraft I have a problem with are the ____________ (<—Insert favorite expletive here) with their Dassault Falcon 7Xs that want to go grocery shopping in Los Angeles because “New York is too mainstream”. :grin:

Best, Boeing707


(@Boeing707) Who lov ya baby, great stuff. This has been another memorable exchange.
Am following you and always find your comments enriching, knowledgable and on the mark. “Do Good Work”! Warm Regards, Max

Ps: Never fly into NYC Metro with my GA flyin neighbor to see my son, use Tetterboro or the Island.

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Your post are always interesting.
I flew the SoCal area from S.Clemente to Los Angeles with the x bird.
I’m going to fly the F14, out of Miramar, just before your lunch time today (06/30).
I don’t like to fight against you.
It would be more interesting to put under pressure an ATC with a series of touch and goes. Useful for everyone to learn.
Play ground server.
Call sign: Foxtrot 14.
See you😉

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(@Henry205) see you around Miramar at lunch. F/A18 Call Sign:Scar007. Let work ATC San Diago area if it’s not crowded, then out to the Island. No Fights but if there another Fighter in the area I’m gonna buzz him…

Sometimes you’re too kind 😊. Thank you though-Same to you (Have yet to see a short reply so far). I notice these flight log threads are generally devoid of crap (Not tooting my own horn).

TEB, MMU, FRG are all good for GA aircraft because there’s ample “parking”, airports are somewhat accessible from the city, and there are some nice views you can see in the sureounding area (Some of the views you have to snatch early because there are final approaches to these airports over towns).

Not sure if you’ve ever thought “How bloody lazy are you?!” but once upon a time (Couple weeks ago while spotting JFK-Separate time from the two scenarios given above), I spotted a Dassault Falcon trijet (I forget the variant it was) coming in from Teterboro. Seriously?!?! The guy couldn’t handle a drive across midtown on the weekend?!?! Simply pathetic.

Best, Boeing707

No Max, change!
I’m sorry, I had a not expected commitment.
Also tomorrow I’ll be busy, see you on Thursday , if you can

(@Henry205) See you Thursday.

I love the “City”, hate the drive in from the burgs, the bridges and tunnel are like a Sunday recovery at KSAN. Don’t Plane Spot in the city, People Spot at Port Authority or Grand Central. It’s the best show in town. Regards, Max

You like to fight always!😄
Thank you nice flight

Have a good lunch,
But really there Are so bad weather conditions in SoCal in June ?

(@Henry205) Rico- A fine flying day. Saw you when I launch out of Miramar and we had a good joint up and hassle. Remember the need for Speed/Energy at all times. I push the throttle to the stops departing FL-100 after launch and keep it there till recovering. You can adjust your speed by altitude +/- corrections particularly in a folded wing configuration. Hi speed turns in a fight use a Split S ( pull up just a little, peddle turn the airplane, it will go on a reciprocal, maintain the same altitude and bring you back to were you point it, (the Spit S is just a hi speed Immelmann it brakes up a turning fight and always brings you back on the tail of your advancers). Watched your Approach to Miramar from the fuel pits. Below 250kt always extend the wings, you need to increase wind foyal for lift. Folded wings are for supersonic speeds 300kt+. You did your Approch with folded wings which can give you instability in cross winds. You were very slow on the approach. Here’s the numbers: 15 miles: Fl-035 @ 160kt… Outer Marker 10 miles FL-020 @ 154kt… 5 miles FL-016 @ 175kt… 3 miles FL-1000 @ 168kt. Touch Down @ 165kt. Practice a hot Approch with a fighter. 190/200 kt as you descend from height. Begin you approach 500 Ft above pattern altitude about FL-030 with wings extended 190/200kt at least 10 miles out unless your doing a Carrier Landing then it’s always a hot short final… Reduce speed and height proportionally at 3 miles you should be at Pattern altitude about FL-026@150kt (Then allow your glide slope to bleed the speed, chop (Close) the throttle over the keys let it drift down you should be doin 125/30 kt. Rotate at 25 ft just out of ground effect, she’ll settle on the real wheels as you flare. (remember set the wheel brake on, it will act as a autobrake and insure the speed brake is set to armed, no reverser on the 14. ) useing this method you should get a Piece of Cake landing as they say in naval air. Sorry I got windy and a little critical. If I were punching your ticket eg: scoring you on this hop i’d give you a 8 out of 10, you did good. Lesson here, 1) when to fold the wing 2) Energy, the need for speed and a disciplined Approch, always just right. . You did good work today my friend. Warm Regards, Max Sends

Max, thank you for your competent advices.
I have to do some clarifications
Split S: It is really hard to do when you can’t see the ground like today. I tried to do it many times, I menaged once.
Wings: I had the wings extended on approach and landing, I fold the wings after touch down on the runway and I closed the spoilers .
Speed approach: the lowest practical speed with extended wings is around 145/150 knots. Speed variation that you noted , was to avoid the mountains , impossible to see in advance today.
Think that the very low visibility of today , unable you to see the things properly.
Anyway thanks and see you soon

As a ground observer I did’t note the low smog. When I landed it was 10 miles visibility. With your technically correct response it appears I’ve underestimated your progress. I’ll be more cautious in future. I’m proud of you “Pilot in Command”. I look forward to flying with you again, as a buddy pair flying formation. Regards, Max

Love the story Max, and look forward to more. My first ride in IF was in the Spit, hehe. You sound like my kinda guy, cheers!

My progress are also on your help.