Max's FltLog: The Perils of Dysoe-Q (Spitfire MkVIII, No. 73 Sqd RAF, Battle of Britain Vet!)

1500Q out of GranCase (TFFG) for a FAM/Recertification hop on the Advanced in the leeward’s. Flying Spit ZP-Q. Filed; Departure from Gran Case with a transition leg over the Princess (TCCM) to the airspace 30 miles north of the Island for aerobatics (hard deck FL50) followed by a SE leg to Anguilla for T/G ‘s and a recovery leg NW for a RON at the Princess on 10. Outbound leg uneventful, transition approved to FL50 with a handoff to Approach smooth as glass. (This was a Sunday flight and everybody and his brother was zooming around in a Trash Haulers without a Flight Plan, I counted 2 light aircraft including me in the whole region on the plot. The Aerobatic and T&G legs where Approach followed VFR. The Transition and RON legs where controlled by the Princess Tower. Upon completion of 15 minute of aerobatics turned SE for Anguilla and recd the first of 2 “Your in Controlled Airspace” Challenged from Princess Approach 25 miles out. I checked in to Approach VFR. From the Plot it was obvious the unnamed controller at the Princess Tower had his hands full, With a Freq Chg, I gave him a Standby hoping he’s coordinate with Approach or check the log. I was bordering on a ghosting for violating instructions and/or unauthorized entry into “B” positive controlled space. I switched back to and stayed with Approach when Tower Did’t answer and flew 15 minutes of T/G’s at Anguilla . Everything went to hell on the RON leg. Approach Passed me to Tower, Called Inbound to the Princess overhead Anguilla (22 miles) no response. ( Princess Tower was working a heavy lineup of both inbound & outbound Trash Haulers. I expected delays.) Continued inbound for Princess 10. Called in bound again at 15 miles on the western perimeter of there outer circle. No Response. Heavy comm traffic noted on the Tower freq, extended downwind Princess 10 for the ILS intercept fix and when I captured the localizer (10 miles) I called a Right Base & inbound, No Response. Continued inbound, Called inbound at 6 miles, nothing, at 6 mile separation in the inbound flow noted, hoping to get sequenced in, Called Inbound, No response. Called 360, did a 7 mile 360 noted a large gap in the inbound flow again and a snarl at the10 taxiway entrance to the keys. Called Inbound, No Response. Flew out bound to the ILS fix, Call inbound at the end of the pack, No Response. Threw up my hands, expecting a ghosting and just for grins and chuckles call “PanPanPan” Inbound started the leg, No response, back to the ILS fix, Inbound Calling “Mayday”, no response, no ghosting, no excuse! I recovered at Grand Case. I’m staying on the Playground, it’s obvious if your not flying “Straight In” in a Trash Hauler this Towers Operator don’t want to be distracted by light aircraft. Hope this Controllers stay with simulators, he/she will get a very cold welcome from the Fighter/GA community in the real world! All and all as things are now I’m staying on the PG where as least 2 Legs of an ATC Node are always available and the trainees take on all comers’ Just Sayin, Max Sends ( Bring on the flax… I have my bullet bouncer on)
(Note: Battle of Britain Archives; An actual Spitfire with the noted call sign & livery flew in the Battle of Britain from 1940 until lost in action over the Channel in 1942, the Pilot survived)


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