MAX'S FLIGHT LOG: SoCal is Dead to me! The Seattle Region is the "real" West Coast!

I learned to fly IF Style back in the day. XPlane & Aero were top of the heap, the only quasi-simulator App’s in town at that time. if you wanted to go bang/bang most guys played Carrier and the Helo Gunship “Games”. I diddeled with them all. Not really challenged and wanting a refresher and a relearning experience I went all in with IF and have’nt missed a day since. SoCal was my test bed. I utilized the high deserts Burmuda Dunes/Palm Springs/Jackie Cochran complex as my primary school house. I put in over 1000 hours attempting to master the IF universe pre-live, the majority of the hours in SoCal because I knew the area, the routes & the weather. I ventured out to other Regions as they came on line, flew them briefly, marveled at the detail of the terrain and the accurate layout of the aerodromes, I alway came back to SoCal for hour and XP building. Then Live came on line with ATC, a giant step forward. I stayed in SoCal getting into the ATC rhythm ( got ghosted first day out for taxiing on the grass). Early on in Live and even today it looks like everybody had//has a SoCal fetish like I had. SoCal was always crowded but with Live it’s like a border surge. Never did like to stand in line, so recently I gave up on that evil Region and have been doing a world tour. I now rotate Regions. Today I flew Seattle on the Advanced for the first time ever. Out of Portland Int. (KPOX) with Heavy Driver in the Tower, efficient service I might add, to Forks, Wa (S-18). 180 miles of pristine, spectacular wilderness terrain along the way. I puttered along at 015AGL, at a leisurely 150kt in a 208, to the “real” West Coast. Unfortunately and typical of the Advanced Server ATC was Short Staffed, no ATIS, no Approach, Departure ect., really no bang for the buck but still a grand experience! So there’s my story, I’m sticking to it. SoCal is dead to me. I’m now an IF world traveler on a “High Flight” lookin for ATC Super Service. Let this be a lesson to you all! Don’t get stuck in a Regional Rut, Go See the World! Max Sends


simply & well put…

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Always good reading Sir Max!

I enjoy the Seattle region. I also like Denver and south Florida. But I will admit, southern cal is where I frequent the most. I have been atc for max at KSAN a handful of times.

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95% of all my flying on Live is in Seattle. Although it isn’t as populated or as served by ATC as other regions, it is still simply to most beautiful and most interesting of all the regions.

Only reason I’d call it the real west coast is because that is where mother planes give birth to some of the most beautiful babies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I don’t poke Sea-Tac region much but I have a feeling that it covers the island-ee, Northwest corner of Washington, something that I’m slightly interested in (I like island hopping in a Cessna 208).

Regarding the Cessna 208 Caravan, there’s something about the fact of seeing the passenger’s seats and the windows from the cockpit camera that makes me feel secure and happy. Lot more trustworthy than a 737-700 from that perspective at least. Lol I must sound crazy right now.’

Long live the DC-9!


@mhhodges76, I remember you from KSAN. Thanks for the super service!
I’ll be lookin for on the circuit. Regards, Max Sends

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@Thomas_Hense. Flew there today out of SeaTac. Flew the NW Coast. Spectacular. Really enjoyed those little grass strips in my Caravan particularly the Horse Farm. Regards, Max

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Bravo bravo!!!

@Maxmustang I missed this post back in July, thanks Jonah for bring it back up :). You still liking it? So much to do and so much to see.

Seattle never gets old. I keep flying it and find find something new and different on every hop. The NW coast is GA heaven. Max Sends


I usually do mountain tours