MAX's FLIGHT LOG/Fighter Sweep

MAX’s FLIGHT LOG (5) FIGHTER SWEEP SoCal 1506231530Q; Out of MCAS Miramar today in an F/A-18 hunting for a hassle and a little ACM. Only one other fighter aloft in the region, an F-14 Call Sign PHARAOH. He buzzed me as I taxied for launch out on 28R. An obvious invitation to take him on. Launched straight out , Zoomed on burner to FL250, Locked Pharaoh up inland at FL185 at 30 miles on the 190* radial. Buster to intercept, lit him up at 5 miles, he apparently lost me in the KSAN traffic after launch, he did’ t initiate evasive manuvers until I turned him red. After a few minutes of turnin and burnin with Spit “S’s” cleaning his clock he dump it and headed for the deck. Followed him down Flamming Red to FL100 and watched him recover a KSAN. Sweep North along the ADIZ at FL300 lookin for Fighters. Ran down the coast from LAX via the Islands, not a fighter in the sky, and recovered at Miramar. Sweep was conducted VMC under positive control of LA Center which was humping with lotsa IMC action. (Fighter sweeps are becoming boring. Appears nobody leaves home without an autopilot. Those that fly hands on aircraft need to FAM and get some ACM practice if there gonna fly fighters, I recommend the Super Decatholon as a great ACM trainer. Only challengers so far worth a dam has been the SWARDSMAN and I hav’nt seen him around for months). Bring it, Max Sends

Super Decathlon is the most underwhelming plane in the game.

Best, Boeing707

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One man’s opinion Boeing! We know it’s a modified champ, we also know it’s the only aerobatic configured GA aircraft in the inventory. For IF its the only first step to ACM in the inventory. Slow yes but it does a hell of a Split S or a Rolling Scissors. Regards, Max Sends

(PS: I fly the Pitts & Xtra on Aero periodically just to stay sharp!)