MAX’s FLIGHT LOG REOPEND (3) 1506052244Q; Spent most of the day flying touch & go’s and ringing out the aerobatic capabilities of a real seat of the pants pilots aircraft, The SUPER DECATHLON. The Super D is a tricked out CHAMP, a favorite in my day for flight training and the every man’s starter plane. Modify the Champ with big wings, a souped up power plant and some bits and pieces and you have a bird that can get there attention at an air show. In the hand of a would be barnstormer she purrs as she works the dozen; Immelmans, Cuban Eights, Hammerheads, Up Lines, Loops, Aileron Rolls, P-Cobra etc. This is one forgiving airframe. Today’s sortie began with a series of touch & go at London City and Gatwich with excellant ATC services at both ( When staying in the pattern these Towers have consistently offered the Option, Called the Brake, Extended the downwind w/o a 360 if they’re not chockablocked, BZ.) You wannabe Fighter jocks out there let me suggest you strap on a SuperD first. Ring it out down in the SoCal high desert out of the Springs or Cochran. Take her out of controlled air space down to the Salton Sea west of Cochran. Master the basic aerobatic maneuvers, which you can find diagramed on the Web. When your comfortable and can perform a perfect Split S move on up to Fighter. When you feel froggy and you know you got the Right Stuff in your big dog, head for the deep blue in the vicinity of San Clemente. Loiter awhile and watch for “Swardsman”,“Scar” or “Rico” at or above FL200 and give them a go. They’ll smoke you for sure… Max Sends
(The comments above are the muses and observations of an olde broke wing aviator. Take’em or leave’em. No disrespect intended!)

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