Max's Fledgeling Tips; "SPOILERS"

Max’s Fledgeling Tips; SPOILERS; In general, GA & Trash Hauler Spoiler Setting " Flight" has a purpose! It partially deploys the “Spoilers” ( Air Brakes ) and with proper Throttle manipulation there used to reduce speed gradually while decending or reduces airflow, thus adding lift in a Stall or in an Unstable Condition… Flap Setting “Armed” causes the “Spoilers” to automatically fully deploy when the Mains touch down! Thus saving brakes/tires, skids and gives Pilots a warm and fuzzy 1 wire trap for the book. (Purists tell us about “Flaparons”, “Speed Brakes”, “Leading Edge Slats” and just plain old “Slats”. We’re waiting Brethlessly!) QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is a “TAF”? It’s formatted and similar to a “METAR” but it’s Location Specific Aerodrome Generated. TAF’s can be found within the App “Radar Cast HD” within the Aviation Section along with Sectional Charts. (FYI, “ForeFlt” is a great, but expensive App for the Pro… Give a look at the free App, “” same o same o…) QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Every Airdrome has an “Approach Plate”. The Plate provides percision data on both VFR or IFR Arrival Procedure in Controlled Airspace. Name one Web Site or App that provides worldwide plates for Free. REMEMBER: Flying Proficency Requires the ability to “Aviate, Communicate & Navigate”. Fly Smart & Safe & Always File a Flight Plan.


Try for charts; other sites exist. let google be your friend.

@IceBlue. Thanks Bluey… First time I saw this great site. I added it to my home screen (IF folder). Much faster than FltPla. Max

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I just search charts, usually brings up that or a cocktail of other sites. Use quite a bit with airport editing.

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