MaxRouteChallange: Himalaya’s; Kathmandu, Nepal x Paro, Bhutan

MaxSez: This Route is for those that dare. Select your aircraft of Choice wisely. No AutoLand Pls, that’s for the kiddies. Hands on Approach Only

Approach and landing in Paro, Bhutan, runway 15; This approach is one of the most challenging in the world (in the top10) and probably the most dangerous for planes the size of the A319 and 737-700and those of lesser Gross weight. The Approach Profile of 3deg is steep/turning/mountain cross compartment and includes a descending profile from FL160 x FL070. I flew a Kathmandu, Nepal (VNLT) Para,Bhutan (VQPR) route yesterday in a Dash-8. The route traverses from the lower Himalaya plateau to the higher elevations. Scenic snowcapped mountains ranging to or above FL 200+ will Be encountered along this route. (Beware: I noted an XCub & Van on this route flying cross compartment yesterday out of there element, they disappeared from radar quickly).

Good luck on this one for those that dare!
, Max


Oh yeah 😎 My favourite approach of all time!

Experienced in this approach, been doing it for almost a year now 😉

It’s just so fun. Gotta use the approach chart or you’ll slam into the mountains!

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MaxSez: I’d rather screw thu the Air than suck thru it!
“Reciprocating engines all the way” MaxSends


I would land a 747 there

@Gm2kmike20. MaxSez: The 10% is well represented by your wishful thinking, prove it and provide the replay… . FOOLS MUST BE DEALT WITH DIFFERENTLY THAN THOSE WHO ARE WISE… (Proverbs: 11.5)

I don’t have access to this region

@Gm2kmike20. MaxSez: XMas is coming for the Christian world and similar annual “giving” holidays are celebrated worldwide. You realize that IF Pro is the way to go if your an IF aficionado. But in the interim use what available on IF and the Forum. I’m sure you’ll find a way to go Pro at some point. When you do contact me and we’ll fly together in Celebration.
Best Wishes Mike., Warm Regards, Max


@snoman… Thanks for the edit.
Regards, Max

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A319 is the preferred aircraft here. But with bad physics on it in IF. I go with a320.

Nice airport have tried around 30 times landing there. Failed 20 of those. And the 10 that i make it was never perfectly on the centre line…

Also I think the cliff just before 15 is bit too close in IF than IRL. That S turn looks too close for comfort.

The best part of approach. Passing over the airport 11000ft and then a tight 120° turn. Over the edge of peak and to descend at the same time to an altitude with litlle margin for error.

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Need to try this approach! Really should go to this region more. Hope this region is on the IFATC calendar, so one day I’ll come here and have ATC🤞

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