MaxRequests: TS-1 Controller Trainee Reminder! (Check in/out)

MazSez: As a common curtesy and procedure Controllers as a rule routinely open and close there station/frequency or a change of shifts by transmitting a position Opening, Closing or Shift Change announcement. Recognize TS-1 Controllers are learning, suggest you guys and gal’s do a little research on what is expected of you before you man a position early in your path… I suggest the IF tutorials, the App “Live ATC”, UTube “Real ATC” or just sit on the appron and listen before you man a position. (It’s getting old checking in to an IF trainee radar controller who accepts your reguest for vectors, following etc then they go off the air causing you to scramble. Trainee Controller like you need to have done a bit of preparedness & preparation before you operate, please & Thanks)


Good point, I’ve experienced this myself. Barring a connection issue that boots you off the server, announcing your pending closure is a great common courtesy in which to make a habit.


Then fly Expert Server.
You can´t and shouldn’t expect controllers on TS1 to read this. Most of the ones you mention in this topic is not on the forum. And to add, most people here on the forum who has an interest in controlling has most likely seen the tutorials and/or is a member of IFATC, IFTSATC and whatever the rest of the groups are called.


I’ll admit that I fly TS1 soley for the fact of ATC in less crowded reasons (typically paid) and for the higher chance the ATC may have somewhat of ATC knowledge. Expert is typically uncontrolled and less crowded most of the times I’m available compared to TS.


Might want to rephrase that as it’s open pretty much 20 hours a day at least


Well I don’t see it. Maybe I’m not on it enough.

(Sorry Emil…mis-addressed. This was ment for a general audience)

LOL, strong comment, emotional, plus the ability to understand the workings of “every members mind”. The loyalty to the “Expert Server” is commendable by the few who comment here. Fly Expert is not the answer! I on the other hand prefer crowded skies, multiple regions & airports to choose from even with a bit of understandable annoyance which is easily overcome. The fact that anyone can play at ATC on TS-1 in not a problem for me. I’d just like to PM a critique to a few who obviously get it, but lack a bit of finesse . I’m sure the ATC recruiters are pleased that there are new and successful Fledgling training group like IFTSATC roping in the strays and providing guidance and insuring there players are identifiable . I noted significant improvements in TS-1 service since they came on the scene. Experts ok, when their around. TS-1 is a 24/7 operation, even with its flaws
and challenges it’s my go-to Server. I push the envelope. I fly, I don’t drive a bus!



Cannot think of anything much nicer right now that you have jogged my memory…than having some approach controller wanna be on TS1…open the position… order me to make contact… chastise me from over 50 miles out… order me to follow his directions or else l need to check the help guides… and then abandon me in mid flight all in the space of less than 10 min…excuse me but l am still suffering from a case of slight whiplash !!!

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@Recxx. MaxSez: Must have been an isolated incident a while back your reminiscing about me thinks.
Since you now spend all your time on the Kiddie Server building XP doing Loop de loops and complains about the “others” underhandedly copping your place on the leader board. Next.

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@Kevin… Expert “Less controlled”. Poor choice of terms my friend. Think what you mean is short handed. Very rare to see a complete radar structure particularly a Center lining up the high flyers. Terminal guidance is always well done. If ATIS where reinstalled and the holding pattern utilized more often the Approach gaggles would be reduced significantly. Unfortunately this Topic went astray. It started out as a TS-1 recommendation and went south. So Sad to bad! Max

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Exactly. Though I tend to see “less controllers” on the expert server when I’m on, that doesn’t speak for everyone else

Happens too often now my friend. Blue skies!

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