MaxRequests: Pilot Friendly Comm Menu Additions! Your Input Pls. (Serious Stuff)

MaxSez: The recent IF program change included a group of new ATC communications commands and directions which are sure to improve and enhance our flying experience under controlled conditions, particularly on the Expert Server. There a welcome addition but, I noted that in the change no attention was payed to a group of Pilot friendly requests or responses which would help clarify PIC’s Intentions, Correct Misinterpretations or provide Options… I interposed an objection to the incomplete menu change in the general announcement to both Mr. Shelton the ATC Boss and Chief Pilot Denton. I asked for an opportunity to submit a short list of new Pilot Friendly comm menu item for review, consideration and possible implementation in the next IF change or Hot Fix. The list is to go to the Chief Pilot for coordination and FDS for approval. There is a considerable amount of extremely competent and experienced aviation enthusiast and real world pilots and controllers who troll this Forum show us your “Right Stuff”.
Please take a moment and consider the gravity of this request. Only your well considered input based on experience and “The Book” please, whines, gripes and puns are not desired. Thank You, Max


The recommended menu items would fit smartly into the present menu system.
For example: Add to the Item “Unable” the subtext (Terrain), (Weather) (Stability), (Diverting) etc.


See my PM.

That is a good idea. It will prevent misusing unable more.

Pilots as a definite need to be able to request a back taxi. This causes confusion both on the ATC and the Tower side.


The reason those particular commands were added was because they don’t require a response. Having a 2-way command is a lot harder to program from what we were told (programming a DVR is about as advanced as I get).

I think this is a great idea. Anything we can do to improve communication between ATC and pilots would only enhance the overall expierence for everyone.


@Joe… Response hopefully will only require a " Rodger or “Wilco” which are programmed. If I get a solid list of recommendations from the Regulars I’ll edit them to fit the present system. Regards

Nice idea, I would certainly like to see this.


Pilot to ground - ready for pushback require back taxi.

Pilot to ground - ready for taxi requesting intersecting departure.

Ground to pilot - can you accept an intersecting departure.

That’s all I’ve got thus far.
Corrected should of been ground to pilot


I agree with the backtaxi command. (This is only a one way message)

Other ideas:

  • add a stop and go. (This would prevent confusion and unnessary exit commands(especially with the c-130 coming)) This would fit into the inbound for X menu and the position reports.(could also go into misc)
  • add landing this time ( or something like that( so your not saying your on final and it would clear confusion) this would fit into misc messages
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@AdamCallow… Good one’s. Pls add where this fits and how it’s transmitted as new item or expansion of a currant menu item.Thanks

i.e.: Remaining in the Pattern subtext (Touch & Go (T/G)). (Stop & Go (S/G) ok?
Right/Left Base. Subtext (full Stop) seems to work now I believe.


Edited them in. Sorry for forgetting

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Evwn more than just a roger or wilco, it could be like. Unable, terrain. ATC: Understood, try heading (xx) or something like that

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No Rod the Controller respond rog or proceed on course. All is situation dependent. Brevity is key. The need fir discussion or rational must be minimized in the present system due to programming limitations.

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Also, the original unable would be changed to, unable, standby. So people wouldn’t feel rushed to go and select a reason that they are unable until they have there aircraft under control

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I think we need some of the misc messages in Unicom. Sometimes you just want to say thank you, or sorry.

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I have just thought of some more

Unicom messages: (these can be added to the main Unicom menu)

  • x is backtaxiing runway X
  • x is lining up runway x
  • x is taxiing to parking ( this can go in the taxi menu)

@AdamCallow… Did’t consider Unicom Adam. Great addition. Got anymore.
Want to keep this thread open thru the weekend. To give the weekend crowd a shot.


Moved to “Live” to reach a broader audience. Max

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Your wish is my command:

  • Add to the “Check in” with an optional cruise altitude and and/or proceeding to X

  • Add callsign to the send traffic advisories response in unicom

Live atc would be better.

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@AdamCallow… Good one Adam! How about another one for Unicom?
Intersection departure comes to mind!

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