MaxRequest. Appr ATC@Aerowin At KLAX PM Pls

Maxkudo’s… BZ Exceptional Approach Service at KHHL/KLAX, a PM pls “Controller” yr address not listed. Max


I don’t think anyone from TSATC was controlling LAX today as for them i believe it was featured tuesday and not today, maybe you just got lucky and got someone who wasn’t trolling or learning 🙂👍 But i could be 100% wrong so someone from TSATC can help @Connor 🙂

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Hi there!

No one from TSATC has/had controlled LAX Approach or Departure. So none of us. Just for future reference all controllers will have TSATC in their username.


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@Alphadog4646 @Connor… My error, not a TSATC, A Training Server ATC. Corrected, Thanks you for the heads up. Max

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