MaxRemembers: Why I Love Aviation;; “In the beginning there was “Connie”!

MaxSez: When I was a kid in the 50’s I rode my bike to KPHL after school regularly to watch the planes and bask in the smells & sounds of freedom; Burning AvGas fumes, Backfiring big engines starting etc, it was inspiring! I still remember a Beautiful woman took me by the hand and walked me up the steps into a Connie to a Seat in the cockpit. I still dream about it!


What a tale and memory.


How iconic, thanks for sharing! The Connie surely is one of the most elegant aircraft that has ever flown. Although I was born in the 90ies, I had the pleasure to fly on the SCFA Super Connie a few years ago around western Switzerland when it was the only remaining Connie worldwide to do passenger flights. Unfortunately the aircraft has now changed the owner after a long story of technical issues and maintenance costs. It has been driven to Germany on a truck and will hopefully fly again the other day.

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