MaxRecommends: Installation of a “HOLD” Function to the IF Auto-Pilot (FMS).

MaxSez: This recommendation is a segue of a Topic posted by TwinRock88 this wk. That Topic addressed an end of flight programmed Hold failsafe for those who long haul, fall asleep, and miss the final turn or over fly their destination, flame out, Crash and lose earned XP. Not a good idea plus it’s cheating as I noted in 88’s Topic. However, having a HOLD capability programmed into the present IF AP/FMC is an enhancement which deserves consideration, its functional and enhances the IF experience. It provides the Pilot in Command an option not now available. Consider, Direct Pilot generated AP/FMS HOLD’s patterns en-Route which do not require juggling the plan or manually re-routing. HOLD’s provide a number of work load reductions, I can think of many, can you? This feature would facilitate, enhance and augment flow control, fuel dumping, Loiter etc. A Pilot initiated HOLD pattern on Approach would allow for; efficient altitude/speed reduction, Loiter for unplanned fuel burn down, instability, fuel dump, refile, stabilization, re-route/plan Chg, emergency terrain avoidance etc. Here, let your airman imagination kick in, add to this list by comment pls.

On IF I’d love a HOLD feature for when I’ve lost situation awareness, get behind the aircraft, need the John, the XP Clock keeps ticking without any distracting interruptions, it’s a no brainer. Installing this feature in my opinion is not a major undertaking. On the surface it appears to be a program and cosmetic fix.

If you agree Functionally, all that’s needed now to make this work is a lot of yes votes to influence the FDS decision process. This minor FDS program Chg is cost effective plus a HOLD” sub-group” added to the present NAV/APPR Group button will please the aviators among us. Let give the PIC some options, The appearance of a NAV/APPR/HOLD button, in appropriate fleet models In the next up date would make for a Harry Callahan day! A standard 1minute Hold will suffice Dev’s…

Note: I don’t accept adding this feature as an inducement to cheat. It should not be a cop out and trip saver for those who don’t mind the store are and overfly there destination or any other “Pilot Error” except narcolepsy, let them eat cake…

Regards All

FLEDGLING FOOTNOTE: Most modern airliners use a Flight Management System (FMS) to navigate. The FMS isn’t really a navigation system on its own - it gets input from various other navigation sources (such as VOR, DME, IRS if installed, GPS if installed & aircrews) This computer among other things just calculates a position, and then calculates which way to go in order to fly the route. In my view the IF AutoPilot (AP) is an FMS.

I see what you’re saying, Would be a nice feature to implement.
Great one Max!

Warm Regards,


I think he just wants a hold button, not an automatic holding pattern when the FPL runs out.

This would be very useful, I struggle to fly perfect circles when put in hold patterns and being able to do that automatically would be very helpful.


MaxSez: I believe RNAV has subsystems;

“So in summary, RNAV is a method of navigation, and LNAV/VNAV are subsystems of the autoflight system they do not stand alone”
(Various Sources). Please don’t attempt to confuse systems and expand on the virtues of subsystems. I just want a Pilot commanded HOLD capability. Thanks…

Awesome idea, Max! Very well thought out and I definitely believe that a HOLD function would be awesome (even though this doesn’t exist in real life)! Sadly, I’m out of votes, and I don’t know where I can remove a vote! I’ll find one though.

Remember to vote for your own features request!


@Kevin_Potthast. MaxSez: An astute observation as allways Kevin.
Thanks for the support.

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Could have used it Today! Great idea, I vote Yes.

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@Arjun_Dayal. MaxSez.

[quote=“Arjun_Dayal, post:5, topic:174193”]
even though this doesn’t exist in real life)

My friend not to disagree, avionics systems and programs change and update frequently. I refer you to FAA-H-8083-6 (Advanced Avionics Handbook). FMS Databases are programmable and airline specific in most cases + route specific. . Maybe not universal due to cost, most major airlines establish there own program content. I worked for America West back in the day there A-320 Fleet had a Hold preprogrammed in thier FMS. The program was not Geo specific. It was just a standard 1 minute hold pattern that made and held the required turns until deactivate. At DCA during my ramp time there I noted our crews used the Hold 60 miles out on a high flow day and adjusted there block time accordingly. They held and I coordinated block time with Airport ops, when new time received I passed by airline freq. The Approach commence at that point. Regards

(Schedule changes are normally coordinated by line “Dispatch” & Airport “Delivery”. We used a coordinated shortcut. It was more efficient. It did not impact on our “ On Time Arrival” Average over time)

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What Kevin stated was what I meant. In my post I talked about having to manually make a holding pattern for 15 min before landing at KLAX. In the pose I asked for the exact same function as you mentioned here.

@TwinsRock88 MaxSez: To each his own, If I misinterpreted your commentary in your original post, the time to rebut and clear up any issue was at the time of posting. Not in a future tense. I clearly stated my objection to your theme in my initial comment. Your silence at the time and for hours after was considered consent. Kevens comment after the fact was noted and rejected. I appreciate you concern but my interpretation of your intent is unchanged. Should you wish to consider further discussion on your personal issue, please contact me by PM. G’nite.

Great idea would be useful

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@Matthew_Harrison. MaxSez. Hakuna Matata!! No worries, for the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free philosophy. Thanks for the like.😉
Where’s the vote!

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voted for it hope it gets added :)

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That’s actually very similar to something I suggested in features one month ago. So I really hope they’ll add this!

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@Marc… MaxSez: Grate Minds! Missed yrs in my search, Regrets
I have no sense of ownership here. I just hope it gets implemented.

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