MaxQuestionTime: Is English the Language of Aviation? Are UFO's Real? (Real ATC Video)

MaxSez: There is always and an exception to the ATC language rule. UFO’s myth or a Gov’t cover Up? You be the judge; Watch…ll


Well of course, a UFO being an unidentified flying object, if they saw a plane which neither them or ATC could identify it’s a UFO.

Or it’s Laura testing the MD11


The point is they think it was more so a flying saucer kind of UFO. I am keen to know if any pilots here have spotted anything weird in the skies.


There are hundreds of stories regarding commercial pilots seeing strange things while in flight. The only missing link is confirmed proof. I’m pretty sure that Sasquatch is the only approved entity to confirm UFO proof, and he’s based out of the Atlantis office of the flat Earth region so good luck with that, unfortunately. Perhaps Elon can fast track the paperwork.



In other news, E.T. was spotted with an iPhone 👨🏼‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️🤘🤘


Of course UFO’s exist - they r simply unidentified flying objects…

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Are UFO’s real? Are aliens real?

This proves my theory even more. Unless it was some sort of civilian drone, (an imbecile would have to do this with knowledge of overhead aircraft) or some sort of undisclosed military operation, highly unlikely as ATC needs to know (almost certain). I won’t get into my whole theory here, lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing Max.

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Let me get my foil hat before watching the video.

Alright watched the video and I say it’s a fighter jet at high speed away from the pilots who reported it as UFO to control. They said they saw it at 30 miles away so I’m not surprised that it disappeared soon after because fighter jet is small.


My friend was cooking an omelette outdoors and flipped it up on the pan, it never came back down. Later on the news I heard that they found a “UFO” near his location.

Legend says the omelette is still up there…


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