MaxQuestion: “Red Dot” Restricted Parking Slots/Spaces. Why, What Purpose what Problem Solution?

MaxAsk. I note a major buildout of 🔴 (Red Dot) Restricted Parking Slots/Spaces at ClassB & selected other airports worldwide. It begs the question Why, What Purpose, What Problem does it solver. Is this an assist for ATC to Corral the Herd; To facilitate Restricted/Close Outlying/Remote Departures Points which precludes Pilots Choice. There must be a logical
Reason or the Red Dot 🔴 mania was not fully vetted and taken unilaterally!
Just Asking, Max


Hi Max!

Those red dots indicate aircraft size restrictions, meaning that aircraft of certain types can’t spawn in those locations. In many airports, you’ll notice that most or all spawn locations are red, which helps to ensure that we don’t get A380s at airports like EGLC. Aircraft that are too large can cause problems because they can block taxiways or aren’t able to navigate from gate to runway without causing issues and interfering.

Additionally, large aircraft that spawn in gates designed for small planes can create conflicts with other planes trying to spawn/park in that area; gates can be blocked off entirely if the aircraft is too large. It’s all to promote “realism” and to ensure that airport ops run at max efficiency. :)


@TaipeiGuru… Interesting concept not well advertised to all concerned. Guess in future I’ll hopscotch spots till I get it right (C-130 was rejected at at multi-Slot at Langley AFB late today.)
Seem a General AlCon NOTAM would have set the stage.
Thanks for the rapid response. Alist Klar!
Warm Regards, Max


Yea you are right max, some of the size restrictions are broken. When the airport editing team puts them in its by letter, A is like small props, B is CRJ/CCX type aircraft, C is 737/A320 families, D is DC10/C130. Not sure why the C130 is in that group, but it may be fixed in the future to go one smaller, as it has more in common with C group. Best regards.


@Maxmustang More info can be found in the 19.1 Release Announcement. See attached topic from Jason:

@Levet… MaxSez: Thanks Fire Dog. But I do note that 19.1 was posted in Feb 2019. The Red Dot was just a future consideration interspersed with the rest of the wish list. As noted the activation of the 🔴 needed a timely public announcement when activated. These type implementations need to be blasted to the community since they have a significant impact on all concerned. The NOTAM is an excellent vehicle to alert all Concerned. Suggest a NOTAM or Change Item be added to the
“ Categories” menu as it would conformed to the accepted aviation norm for items of significant change which impact AlCon.
Just Sayin, Regards Max

Yeah, some are messed up. You can’t spawn a 747-8 at PANC :(

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