MaxPoll: Ratio/Daily Auto Landing Count Reduction a “Travesty of Justice”

MaxSez: This is a Segway to the Topic “ Maximum Violations”;

The “Landing/Violation Ratio” and the “Daily Landing Count Auto Reduction” are a “Travesty of Justice”. There artificial “IF Tough Love” and serve no useful purpose other than a cull of the Hurd. They are punishments without just cause or a logical justification. It’s time to revisit these injustices. A revolutionary change is required! What Say you Community!

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…huh? This was hard to read.

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There are plans in looking into the current system. However, there will most likely not be any changes to the rolling time based requirements. The logic is quite simple;

If you stay out of the loop for too long, some time and practice is usually required to catch up and get familiar with new procedures and routines that may have been implemented since last time you flew etc.