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So which command is it then?

I’ve always been told if you want to follow your plan, ask for the flight following. The IF world is a bit different because of limited commands and inability to directly tell a controller your intentions.

I have been told by IFATC Officers and trainers that FF and Check in are essentially the same thing. Only need to request one or the other and that is it. Departure will give you vectors if the need arises, and then will let you continue on course once the matter is resolved.


So-in this regard Max is correct. He’s 100% correct about FF in the real world not being really what it’s used for in IF-but until changes/updates are made-it’s what we’ve got


I don’t get it?

The flight following command really should be removed from airliners. It is just very annoying when somebody is flying the A-380 and you here something like ‘Trash Hauler 123 is flying VFR’

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If [quote=“FBWFTW, post:20, topic:369054”]
Had a great chat with the controller just today about it-he wasn’t aware I was following procedure and wasn’t aware of the altitudes on route-said he’d make sure to look at the charts the next time round.
@FBWFTW. … MaxSez… Let’s keep this thread in context. We’re discussing removal of a bogus command/VFR procedure for commair. RR procedures are not the issue…
Granted fixed procedures like STARS are a necessity in today RR dense air traffic environment. However, your chat with a controller just hi-lights the en-route Controller void ie: Center + airways so evidently missing from the IF air control environment. Under the circumstances IF ATC works around are what you see there what you got. Use a RR Procedure fine but expect a vector at IF terminal regions, your RR route as posted does not jump of the page and our controller do not employ them.
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Max, you’re missing my points:

  1. Yes I agree FF is bogus-but it has a seemingly different use in IF for the moment.

  2. The ONLY thing a Center/Enroute controller might do is ASSIGN the STAR and begin descent. 3/4 of the STAR is handled by Approach control-it’s a “pitch and catch” type of thing. It shouldn’t be hard for pilots to LEARN to read a chart and be at ABCDE waypoint at X altitude.

  3. The airways are all there in the USA-and updated monthly. I believe the Nav team is hard at work doing other parts of the world as well.

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Off Topic…
Let’s take this to PM… As requested, We can discuss the system. Delivery/FSS ect & IF ATC Procedure.

Like with “remaining in the pattern” command, when “no pattern work” is in ATIS the command is greyed out. I think it would be pretty nice if the “flight following” option was greyed out for commercial aircraft. Maybe just for aircraft that have more then 1 passenger, but that’s splitting hairs. That would save Radar controllers a lot of time, like how the greyed out “remaining in the pattern” saves Tower’s time.

I think if more in-app education was added, there could possibly be no need for that. People simply don’t know how to interact with Departure. If the option was greyed out it could be a very powerful educational tool because pilots would then become curious as to why it’s not an option.


This… So much this


MaxSez; This one needs a Sunday look for dem weekend warriors.
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