MaxPoll: ATIS or Airplane Poll, RESULTS & Analysis

This Is the First pre-programmed IF Poll I’ve constructed in my long tenure. There are flaws of my making in its Statistic Cumulatives and % due to my lack of familiarity with the program. To compensate for the loss of the program generated statistical analysis, I’ve settled on a hand count of Voter Balloting by “Icons” as recorded by category. The totals are;

                                      ATIS "95" <<>> Aircraft: "55"   

                                              << "ATIS Win's>>
                                       << By a Significant Margin>>

As a side note; Based on the hand count and a review of Voter Icon biographies, demographically, it appears to me, for this Poll, that the community is split between “Serious Fledgings & Mature Aviators & Controllers” and “Bloviateing Blogger/Gammers” more interested in Cramming their Toy-box. Finally, this Poll is a snap shot in time. It certainly is not Scientific nor is it the will of the whole community.

Rejoinder : The findings, analysis, conclusion & comments are my own. Please don’t waste your time criticizing or providing your crass opinions and rude remarks in a comment here! Additionally, there is now a filter on my PM in box. Finally, .I have my bullet bouncer on and will not respond in kind + my home and auto will be checked by EOD. Regards😝 Max




interesting results

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You don’t decide ok?
Insulting community with a “🖕🏻” is not the best way to get what you want …
Airplane will come first, maybe or not with ATIS.


Also this topic are really needed ? You can post in the original topic. No? 😉


Some people are “chucking toys out of their pram” as the British say.

I honestly can’t care less about which way it goes; that’s why I voted for both because both will add value to Infinite Flight. Not to mention the fact that adding flight models and adding ATIS require two different sets of coding skills and resources and shouldn’t interfere with efforts on either end. I thought an opinion poll will help spark some discussion, but all I saw were people being defensive, kinda unfortunate really.


@Danman…Excellent observation on coding skills Dan. Not an IT Type I never considered it. I’ll keep it in mind next ATIS blast. Thanks.


The “original” has been closed by Carson.

thanks for doing the review MAx. Often I take part in a poll and the results never seem to be analysed to any worthwhile effect.

I consider myself in the " Serious Fledgling " (though others may disagree!) group.

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@David_Lockwood… Agree on the need for analysis Dave. Hopefully the great unwashed will take a hint! LOL

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