MaxPIREP1: TurbHvyWindsAloft.NE US Coastal

MaxSex: PIREP1(Actual). 1845QApr041320…Vic Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard. TurbHvyWds+220AGL@ 95+mph240deg… Martha’s Approach 35+Gust45mph120deg.End


Yeah, it (was) so nasty down in Newark before.

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Spring is here! 😏

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I would love to have or find again the dedicated topic about weather reports in Live, i think this kind of topic could be very helpful, in addition of the Windy (and similar) app :)

You can just read the METAR?

@ThomasThePro @grxninesix MaxSez: All you need for Wx;

Note: This is an Interactive site. Map is addressable, Symbology in the legend. Pick the product.Enter Region or ICAO METAR ect. This is the best product for Flight Planning.

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