MaxPilotsFriend: The Ultimate Pilots IFR/VFR "Rule of Thumb" Crib (Examples)

MaxSez: A few weeks ago I introduced you to the “TOLD Card” a handy dandy Quick Reference
(QRF) file card utilized to jot knee board take off & landing data utilized in flight planning/en-route, (see example). This time here’s the “Rule of Thumb” Card. a laminated card which you can stick in your Flight suit pocket, it contains a ready reference to the IFR/VFR minutiae we often forget in QRF form, (see example). The card highlights the rules of the road, acronyms, E/W heading rules above 030AGL, METAR Codes and lots of other handy references required to; Aviate, Navigate &Communicate. These inexpensive cards are available on the WWW. I use the: (not an endorsement)


Note: TAP Photo to expand


MaxSez: Topic Bumped, to accommodate those members West of the Date Line, Down Under, across the mid-East & EU. A recommended addition to the pro’s flight bag.

This is Very Handy! and cool Never New they had this!!!

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