MaxPilotsChallenge: 7 Most Difficult/Strangest USA Approaches W/Chart/Plates

MaxSez: Think your a skilled aviator? Try these Approaches utilizing the guidance depicted in the Charts/Plates depicted in the link.
(Note: The Full Text/ Graphic Plate is recallable from the Web)

(Source: Obvious, Public Domaine)


Thanks, Max! I’ve been looking for something like this.

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Ey! My cousin’s home airport (Watsonville Municipal) is in there!

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Done #3 over a dozen times and it gets my heart pumping every. single. time.

I say a quick prayer before starting the approach/ departure into and out Aspen and Telluride. Lol

Dme arcs aren’t hard in a jet. The auto pilot does everything for ya. Thank goodness! With out that, it’s a handful. Turn 10. Twist 10 is all you have to do. Situational awareness and staying well ahead of the plane is critical.


@Erj145… MaxSez: Great observation! There’s nothing in this world more rewarding for an aviator then a successful difficult precision approach. Even with the autopilot doing the shaking & baking that visual final in the groove give you a warm & fuzzy…
Regards Aviator, MaxSends

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Absolutely agree.haha! Have a great day mate

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