MaxPetPeeves; Short Finals & Trash Haulers, Bad Juju!

MaxSez: As a rule revenue flights (FAA Part -21 Trash /Pax Hauling) Aircraft do not do “Short Finals” with very few exceptions!

That means Pax Hauling Commuters, Reginal and even Heavies utilize a long, stable Approach on Final “Always” to assure stability and Pax comfort, That the sign of True professionalism!

That Short Cutter who rushes to beat the Q or “Flat Hat’s “(speeds up) and wobbles along on a 90deg hard right or left turn-in to the inner marker are the “Bain” of the airways especially on IF!

“Knock it Off” Miscreants!



The Canarsie and River Visual are here to disagree with you Max

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Agreed. Heavily, especially when an approach controller goes offline, you’ve got yourself in a mental state trying to keep your social distancing between other aircraft, and next thing is your having to go around multiple times because of a user cutting in.

Airports that are designed for visuals are a different story though, but there’s a painful difference between a ‘visual’ final and a ‘short’ final…

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Valid point, but theres nothing like a very short visual in a nice 777!

Great way to test your skills while showing off in front of a busy. A nice 3nm base, gear down, flaps extended, 20-30 degree turn while you grease it on the markers.

Of course, if you’re a pilot that strives for realism then stick with the stable approach but the adrenaline rush of a nice tight approach is pretty great.


What about the Expressway visual 🥺

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And who cares about LaGarbage?


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@NoahM@EpicNYC04… MaxSex… Can’t agree guys, even the “Roaring River”approach at Aspin terminates at the Outer Marker. There are exceptions but very few.

@Will_A… I’ll buy that at any UNCONTROLLED Aerodrome on IF. I’m all for the Rush! that why eye Fly GA, All the way!



Thank god someone knows my nearest airport is bad with tons of delays out of the NYC Airports and the expressway approach is like the only good thing about it or the Widebodys and 757 being at LGA despite being rare


I think half of the aviation world knows KLGA is terrible. But still got to show some love for my home airport!!


But I do agree with @Maxmustang if it’s not a published approach there should be no aircraft pulling short finals anywhere!


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