MaxMigKillers: F-4 Phantom II

MaxSez: For the IF Fighter Community this is a versatile and ideal dissimilar air combat maneuvering (DACM) vehicular to face off with the IF fighter inventory.
The Tomcats predecessor its A Mig Killer, it’s the last US fighter/bomber to get a kill in the modern era in a Fox-1 hassle.

General characteristics
Crew: 2
Length: 63 ft 0 in (19.2 m)
Wingspan: 38 ft 4.5 in (11.7 m)s
Height: 16 ft 6 in (5.0 m)
Wing area: 530.0 ft² (49.2 m²)
Airfoil: NACA 0006.4–64 root, NACA 0003-64 tip
Empty weight: 30,328 lb (13,757 kg)
Loaded weight: 41,500 lb (18,825 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 61,795 lb (28,030 kg)
Zero-lift drag coefficient: 0.0224
Drag area: 11.87 ft² (1.10 m²)
Aspect ratio: 2.77
Fuel capacity: 1,994 U.S. gal (7,549 L) internal, 3,335 U.S. gal (12,627 L) with three external tanks (370 U.S. gal (1,420 L) tanks on the outer wing hardpoints and either a 600 or 610 U.S. gal (2,310 or 2,345 L) tank for the centerline station).
Maximum landing weight: 36,831 lb (16,706 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × General Electric J79-GE-17A axial compressor turbojets, 11,905 lbf dry thrust (52.9 kN), 17,845 lbf in afterburner (79.4 kN) each
Maximum speed: Mach 2.23 (1,472 mph, 2,370 km/h) at 40,000 ft (12,190 m)
Cruise speed: 506 kn (585 mph, 940 km/h)
Combat radius: 367 nmi (422 mi, 680 km)
Ferry range: 1,403 nmi (1,615 mi, 2,600 km) with 3 external fuel tanks
Service ceiling: 60,000 ft (18,300 m)
Rate of climb: 41,300 ft/min (210 m/s)
Wing loading: 78 lb/ft² (383 kg/m²)
lift-to-drag: 8.58
Thrust/weight: 0.86 at loaded weight, 0.58 at MTOW
Takeoff roll: 4,490 ft (1,370 m) at 53,814 lb (24,410 kg)
Landing roll: 3,680 ft (1,120 m) at 36,831 lb (16,706 kg)
(Data: Wiki - Photo: Fair Use/USMC Archives)

That is a cool one… but I’m out of votes ☹️


I prefer 4.5 gen fighters

An aircraft I can get behind! My father was a US Marine from 81-84 (MOS 2621), and was stationed at Kaneohe MCAS for a while before heading to the DMZ in Korea to monitor Russian activity. VMFA-232 were flying Phantom IIs around back then, he always said he loved the red coloring of their Phantoms.

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I want this one so much. Especially for the Cobras, this would be a great fighter for us


These are badass. One of my earliest memories is sitting in the cockpit of one of the a Japanese F-4 on the flight line at Andersen AFB in Guam. The highlight of static displays, and recall seeing them all over the place, at McDill, Lakenheath, Spangdalem, and even my home Ramstein. Great request Max!


Wow really ? 3 years without answering to this topic ?
This plane would be a very cool addition ✈️
Many people think that these planes won‘t be cool in IF as they don‘t fly regularly but just imagine some fly-outs with this awesome aircraft !!


This topic will be revived more often now :)

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Amen to that.

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3 votes left to 10 !

Imagine flying this beauty to IF Oshkosh while listening to this :)))
Would be a dream ✈️

@German_Pilot; Or this; My Route Recce Bomb/Rocket run serenade! “We where young then!” LOL

Regards, Max


Watch this video to get more information why we need it !

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