Maximum Violations in a Year

Hi all! I got my last ghost in July, and now I have 6 violations and need 5 or less to get back into expert server. Do you know how I can get the violations back or when they come back? Thanks


Hi, violations are different to ghosts. Violations are system generated unlike ghosts which, 90% of time, are given by ATC/Moderators. Violations expire after a week so you should be able to get back onto expert a week after you’re last one, assuming you get no more!


But I have maximum for a year. I don’t know when I’m going to be back, and hoping it’s soon

Does this say ‘report’ or ‘violations’ ?


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This is my idea at the moment. I can’t fully picture the issue here. Is it the violation to landing ratio?


Pretty sure there’s no “Max” unless your landing/violation ratio is too high in that case you’ll need more landings. If that’s the case do a bunch of T&G’s on Casual


MaxSez: The “Landing/Violation Ratio” and the “Daily Landing Decadent” are a “Travesty of Justice”. There artificial “IF Tough Love”
and serve no useful purpose other than a cull of the Hurd. They are punishments without just cause or a logical justification. It’s time to revisit these injustices. Topic to follow.


Talking about violations, why is LiveFlight allowed to display all the violations we’ve ever received when IF doesn’t even display them?

@anon70772274 The only thing that matters is what is shown in the grade table.

@PrestonThePilot can you please share a screen shot of your grade table stats? That will clear up confusion for those replying.

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a year from your first ghost to regain access to expert. In the meantime, keep flying and reviewing #tutorials to ensure that you come back ready for expert.

The silver lining is that if your first ghost occurred a long time ago, you could have your grade three back soon. It depends on when you received it.

Where’s the silver line

“silver lining” means the hopeful part of a situation

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I knew anything remotely resembling some innocent teasing would be flagged LOL

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