Maximum Vertical Speed of Boeing 737-800

Hey guys. Do any of you know the maximum vertical speed of the Boeing 737-800?

probably 3500VS If your very light

I never tried the “maximum”, but relaitically I wouldn’t go over 3000-3500VS. Around 2500VS should be just fine.

Depends on what you consider maximum

A reasonable maximum would be 3000, the actual maximum you can get using full power and etc would prooly be 6000

If I am not mistaken, V/S depends on your actual speed, so (for example), 2500 v/s at 250kts would be different than 2500 v/s at 350kts. Typically, I try and stay within 5000 V/S on any occasion, but the 737 is quite durable, so it could probably go a little more than that. For max. realism, you shouldn’t go any higher than 3000v/s.


IRL I have seen someone climb at 3400-3700. I believe the average is somewhere around 2900-3200


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