Maximum Speed

Hi all, stupid question probably

On TS1, is there a reason speed is limited at 350kts, and even lower when at higher altitude (FL360 is limited at 270) yet I see people flying much faster.

Why is this or am I doing something wrong??

On TS1, there may be more instances of spotting users violating the speed limit.

The limit is set at 350 IAS and M.87.
When you see other pilots speed, you’re seeing their ground speed. Ground speed is usually higher than air speed (IAS).

You’re not doing anything wrong :)


Just an example, at about FL350 a standard 747 may be going about 260 air speed, which will be over 500 ground speed and that’s what you see

This might be a stupid question, but why the limit at 350 IAS / M 0.87?

@Ben_Plucker@Jake_Savage… MacSez: Speed Limit set cause “They” said so! Yours not to reason why, it will make you nuts! Just do it.

Because regions are small, and people don’t need to be going that fast.

Also, it varies on different aircraft, as it is realistic.

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It was a limit set for all commercial aircraft, it should be lower for some aircraft, higher for others. It was a good compromise. You won’t see many commercial aircrafts go any faster.

Military aircrafts don’t have this limit in the app.


Because that’s pretty close to what it is IRL

Question answered :)