Maximum Server Load

Hey there

I just have a general question regarding the server load:

Do all servers have the same maximum load?


Currently, the load of the Casual Server is 91%. Are there really so much more people using the casual server, or does this server just have a smaller maximum load?

I‘m just curious ;-)

Have a nice morning, day, or evening!

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They’re all the same. We monitor closely and launch additional servers when needed so we don’t max out or run the risk of a poor experience. 🙂


Oh, wow. That’s interesting. It seems like a lot of people are more into flying without ATC instead of using it. Or you have a lot of new players.

Thanks for your answer!

Not necessarily, I’m currently grade 4, I enjoy the ATC services on expert, however I do most of my flying on casual to avoid violations when I’m away from my device. I only fly on expert, when I’ll have close monitor over my device.


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