Maximum Recommended Throttle?

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I’ve seen the take-off & climb tutorial on YouTube and I’ve noticed that after 1,000 ft, the power throttle was only pushed up to 80% (85% N1). However, I’m currently on an A330 and maintaining 300 knots even at 20,000ft seems to be complicated without pushing the throttle above 80%.

I therefore wanted to know if I was doing something wrong, and up to what percentage I should use the throttle to maintain speed.

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Hi! What’s your VS? Also, aircraft have different physics, that may just be the A330.

I’m currently climbing as scheduled on FPLtoIF at 35,000ft, and my VS is currently 1,600ft/min. (Update: at 1,600ft/min at 30,000ft, my power throttle is set at 93% to maintain M 0.80)

Yes, I’ve never had this issue on any other aircraft, but I thought I was doing something wrong.

1,600VS is pretty low. You would normally go around 2200-2800 and sometimes up to 3000.

I know but even with that low VS I apparently need 90% power throttle to maintain my speed, so I can’t imagine if I go higher…

The A330 in IF is really underpowered, so it is quite normal for your N1 to be high when climbing
I’d also recommend not going over FL340 if your load is over 70%

(btw @tunamkol 1600 ft/m is not low when over FL300)


Hold up I am confused. Are you trying to say you are using too much power or too less?

Too much power.

Oh alright.

The A330 isn’t reworked and is underpowered.
But you may also be heavy. It’s absolutely fine to use a lot of power when climbing, sometimes you even go over 100% N1. You may just be heavy. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Ok, I see. I’m currently at 35,000ft (cruise altitude) with 64% load but, luckily, I only need 86% power throttle (90% N1) to maintain my speed.

But yes, during the climb, it was pretty hard maintaining a normal speed. Even after take-off, I was blocked at 150knots… The A330 is definitely underpowered in IF.

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Alright, thanks for your help!

That may just be the bad physics. Don’t worry, you’re gonna get a rework on it this year!

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Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation!

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For me maximum would be 95% power as you don’t wanna put too much stress on the engines.

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For me i usually go around 90% N1, but the maximum is usually around 93-95% N1

I don’t know why but some aircraft (787 etc) have ridiculously high N1’s. When I was running the throttle at 70%, the N1 was at about 95%. So this is what you have to beware of when taking off.

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Talking about taking off, is what’s recommended using 85% PWR throttle or 91% N1? (I mean the two are generally the same but I was wondering if, on different aircraft, I should use 85% PWR throttle if its N1 is different or if I should stick to the N1)

Thing is that the 85% N1 is just kinda an average. If you need more throttle use more throttle, because they’re are exceptions as to every rule. Such as high altitude, high temperature, heavy aircraft, short runway, or high humidity.

Most plane shouldn’t go over 85-90%.
That being said, the A330 does need over 90% to not climb at an unreasonably slow rate near the end of the climb. The A380 sometimes goes over 100%. B747 needs really high thurst as well.

If you feel like you’re giving to much power, check your altitude, your plane might be too heavy for your altitude, you should do step climbing to avoid going over 90% N1