Maximum Image Size?

I was wondering what the maximum file size for an image here on the forum is. I tried uploading one with 160kb and it failed. Does somebody know?

I don’t know the maximum image size but it’s definitely not 160kb. Are you sure it isn’t broken and is in a supported format? (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)

It’s 4096kb if I’m not mistaken and if the mods didn’t change it

I am trying to make a gif as my banner. I thought that was possible as I saw a few people with those


It is possible to upload it into here though, so I can confirm it’s not broken

You can’t have GIFs on your banner.

Correct me if I’m wrong

Edit: nvm Idk

I could swear I saw a couple of people with GIFs

Yea I think I saw someone… could you put a screenshot of the error if possible?

Nah, I think you’re thinking of people’s card background.

Are you trying to upload it as your User Card Background or Profile Header?

No I swear I saw someone with a GIF banner

Possible, but it doesn’t work for me there either

I tried Both actually

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It just freezes at the first frame

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Well, it’s kinda slow in the first play, but then it normalizes… or does it just get stuck?

Could someone look at my background and tell me if it works?

uuuhhh… nope… not sure what’s happening…

It doesn’t move at all…

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yea now I saw it…