Maximum Cruising Altitude

Hi Guys, I’m currently doing a flight with an A350, and I’m step climbing but, I don’t know the maximum cruising altitude for the A350 and I’m already at FL430!

Does anyone know? If so that would be a big help!!

Also if there is something out there already on the IF community that I do not know about could you tell me, please.

The maximum cruising altitude for the A359, according to Google, is 43,100ft.

FL430 is as high as you can go in the A350.

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OK so I have another 100 ft to go.

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Well, planes rarely cruise at intervals of hundreds of feet, same can’t necessarily be said in China/Mongolia however. Planes stop their cruise at FL430, not climb to FL431 just because it can.


No, stay at 43,000 ft. Always cruise at a whole thousand. The reason they say the service ceiling is 43100 is so you have a margin. So never go all the way up to it. Also what @LordWizrak