Maximum Cruising Alititude Airspeed change to 500Knots

According to wikipedia a long distance commercial aircraft cruises at around 475-500 knots (airspeed).

This will increase the realism of IF.

500kts Airspeed is very fast. I think the Wikipedia article means 450kts-500kts Ground Speed.


Ye, airspeed of that is way to much. A318 ain’t a Concord ;)

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I think there should be a feature that doesn’t permit one from exceeding the maximum operating speed of the plane one is flying. For example for the 777 it can be capped at Mach .88 etc.


Ground speed varies by winds in a specific location eg if you are flying from New York to London on an A318, even though you are cruising at the right airspeed, you can exceed 500kts groundspeed due to high altitude winds.

I was referring to the Wikipedia article but you are correct. Sometimes if the winds are really stong, some aircraft can get up to 600kts!

Cruise speeds were optimized in the app a long time ago during testing for Global ;)

The wiki article most likely refers to TAS (true air speed) which is not the same as IAS (indicated air speed) which is more relevant in most cases. TAS is not something we use in Infinite Flight.