MAXimum Beauty @RIC

Hello IFC, Earlier this week Southwest decided to bless me with one of there 737 Max 8 for there RON! This was a great thrill to me as I’ve never up close to a Max let alone on a Max. So here’s a few pictures I took that night


Awesome photos.

The mood lighting is way to high lol

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Oh this topic is actually the literal definition of perfect!

Great pics, love to see a topic dedicated to the MAX!


Appreciate it!

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This is awesome. That mood lighting is just amazing.


I’d like to rent the plane for the night and throw a disco party for goodness sakes


i like the purple LEDS lights in the b737Max!!!

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When the mood lighting is so bright, you can see it from outside. Cough Virgin A35K Cough

Nice pictures!!!


That mood lighting’s on another level 😩🥵

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You got that right!

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Fantastic pictures! So cool to see these insights, and I must admit that the B737MAX really looks nice with the SkyInterior and also from the outside. Thanks for sharing :)

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