Maximum ATC Heathrow Training

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I’m sure it’s not unhealthy. Just takes will power, 3 energy drinks and a match to hold my eyes open in last 20 mins. Lol. I hope to do 24 hours soon.


Look will. I know you love controlling and such, but please look after yourself. If you need help with controlling just give me a heads up and we can make something work! But saying that Your mental wellbeing is your most important asset. (Just looking out for you buddy)

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I know! 24 hours is coming soon so stay tuned ;)

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I’m sorry to tell you: not allowed by terms of use by IF.


Really? I did 12 hours 50 yesterday so not sure. I’ll just go for as-long as I can.

I’m sure that I’ve read it, either in the ATC manual (where I’m not able to find it right now) or on the ATC discord channel.

It is IFATC policy that controllers may only control 12 hours per day. This policy does not apply to Training Server controllers.

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Amazing. I’m already starting my 24 hour shift now.

Alright. Then I mixed it up :). Thx for clarification and good luck.

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