Maximum altitude reach

Hello everyone, I just make a personnal record of reaching 150 000ft with the f22, does anyone reach higher altitude or not ? :)

Last time I reach to 140 000ft but I get stuck in « space », 0 ias, and bumping on atmosphere and litteraly stuck for more than 10 min before I end the flight 😅

I’ve managed to get a TBM 930 to like 400M ft a while back. That’s really sweet though! The clouds look so cool from high altitudes.

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With a glitch ?

Haha yeah! It was a few years ago though. I can try and find a pic.

Just visit this topic ;)

Some very high altitudes here

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Ehehe F22 only need 2 engine to get into space 🤣

I mean without glitch if someone reach above 150 000 ft 😜

I remember the time XCubs could fly very high and circle the world in a few hours. Fun times 😂

I went 100500ft on the F22 haha
That was my record

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