Maximum Aircraft Altitude Poll

What Aircraft would the IFC like me bring to its absolute maximum altitude?

Here are the choices

Different Aircraft
  • B747
  • A380
  • A320
  • B737
  • MD-11
  • C-130
  • B777-300ER

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Congrats to the people who voted for the C-130. I will be testing this aircraft today.

Have fun go and check out the parent topic to this: A350 Maximum Altitude

747 is fun because it can bust mach 1 at full throttle

Out of all of these, the 747-400 has the highest certified altitude, at around 45000ft. Wouldn’t that be fun?

The 747 can reach exceptionally high altitudes WITH 10 degrees of flaps deployed.

Wheres the Citation? 👀

Certified up to a max altitude of FL510

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cmon! anybody for the super jumbo?

MD-11 for me, as its literally likes to rocket out on takeoffs.

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