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Current Airport: EDDM (for detailed airport information look under featured airports below )
Conditions: METAR: [N/A]
Runway(s) in use: 26R/L
Opened from 1040Z till approximately 1120Z (Zulu)

Featured Airports on my journey:

Munich (EDDM)

1. Munich (EDDM):

View on Terminal 2 (you will find Lufthansa and Partners there) and Satellite Terminal which is connected by a self-driving underground train with T2

General information about Munich (Franz-Josef Strauß) Airport:
So where do I begin? Ok, so Munich Airport is located (I think about 50 kilometers) north of Munich and consists out of three terminals: Terminal 1, where all airlines are parked that aren’t part of Lufthansa Group or in Star Alliance (exception is LH‘s low cost airline Eurowings). T1 is getting extended right now. On the other side of the tower (which looks beautiful),

you will find Terminal 2 and the Satellite Terminal where LH and Partners are parked. Also these terminals form the second biggest HUB of Lufthansa behind Frankfurt (EDDF). Because of that Lufthansa actually owns about 50% of Terminal 2 and the Satellite Terminal and operates a Lufthansa maintenance there too. In my opinion they are the biggest factor which makes Munich a 5-Star-Airport for many years already!

That’s actually the Satellite Terminal but it belongs to the second one

Also about 100 Airlines serve the Airport and connect it to over 200 destinations in 70 countries (7 A380s from LH are based in Munich and Emirates serves Munich three times a day, two of three times with A380s too) But besides being the second largest airport (and fastest growing) in Germany you’ll find much more at the airport! For example this open „hall“ in the middle of T1 and T2 which has a glass roof and is home of lots of events every year, like concerts and even a tennis tournament!


Or the „Besucherpark“ a sort of parc that was build for visitors of the airport. From there many sight seeing tours depart in coaches which show you around on the area of the airport (especially on the tarmac so you get the perfect view on all kinds of planes). But he parc also consists out of old planes by Lufthansa and other airlines which you can enter. Finally it offers playgrounds for kids, a souvenir shop, a cafe and last but not least you’ll find the visitors hill there from where you have a perfect view on the runway 8L/26R. Also they have a Hilton

(and of course cheaper hotels) a Medical Center, that is famous for its eye-surgery section, as well as a Audi test course on their area. Also there are a lot of offices actually, and a new office area is built right now for companies to settle in. So Munich is much more than just a 5-Star-Airport! It is also the biggest employer in whole Munich and one of the biggest in Bavaria too (a part of Germany in the South-West). Concluding you can say that Munich is an airport which offers great service and extraordinary many jobs! Because of the reasons mentioned and the fact that’s my home airport, I chose Munich to be my first airport.

Here is more information on Wikipedia:
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I hope you appreciate my hard work put into this article ( it took me like 2.5 hours) and come around when I am controlling! See you!

Malta Airport/Luqa (LMML)

2. Malta (LMML):


So here we go again… Next airport on my featured airport list I want to introduce is Malta Airport. First of all, why did I choose this airport as my next airport to control and train on? I did so because this airport offers two things potentially: First, one of the runways includes Backtaxi what I wanted to try out. Second, it’s possible to use this airport with a single runway Lay-out but also but you can also use intercecting departure.

The taxi- and runway Lay-out at Malta Airport

Now to general information about the airport again. The airport has two runways as you can see on the picture above, it’s the only international and major airport of Malta and is located 5 Kilometers southwest of Valletta ( to be precise it’s located in the area of Luqa).

General overview over Malta

The major airline serving Malta/Luqa is Ryanair, or Malta Air, a low cost carrier, which consists out of the aircraft of Ryanair that the based on the airport and are now operating under their own name. Also the government of Malta is involved into Malta Air and signed the contract with Ryanair about the founding of Malta Air.

Malta Air (joint venture of Ryanair with the government of Malta)

The other airline serving Malta which is worth mentioning is Air Malta, not to confound with the low cost carrier Malta Air, is the flag carrier and premium airline of Malta and was also around there much longer. From there Air Malta serves lots of routes in Europe and in the region of Turkey and Israel.

Logo of Air Malta the Original Airline

As a sidefact, the biggest plane to arrive at Malta regularly is a Boeing 777 of Emirates which serves Malta via Larnaca on Cyprus daily. Other than that there are plenty of other airlines too serving Malta, as it is a popular holiday destination due to its position on an island.

Some airlines parked next to each other at Malta

But there are also often coming other big aircraft like A340s and A380s to Malta because of Lufthansa Maintenance which is pretty popular with lots of airlines.
Also Malta has only one Terminal but there could be another one needed soon because of the rapid growth of passenger using the airport.

For more Information:

This concludes the part of Malta. Let’s see if there are more airports needed!
I hope you enjoyed the information presented by me!

Osaka Kansai (RJBB)

3. Ōsaka Kansai (RJBB)

The third Airport I will be regularly using is Osaka Kansai Airport. Probably many of you have already heard of this airport! And that’s because it’s a very special one!
But I will go into further detail as usual in a certain order:
I actually don’t know where to begin because basically everything about this airport is special! Anyways, I will start with the location of the airport. Kansai Airport is located near the city of Osaka and was build in 1994, in order to take the international flights from Itami Airport in Osaka that is surrounded by city. Kansai is located on a artificial island 3 kilometers offshore in the bay of Osaka and is connected by a double-decker bridge to the mainland.


The lower deck is for trains and the upper part for cars and busses. The crazy thing is that there are two other major airport within 25 kilometers! The island itself is 4 Kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide.

The airport has 2 Terminals, KIX 1 is used mostly for prestige airlines and is the longest terminal building in the world with a length of 1.7 kilometers. KIX 2 is only used for LCC only. You can notice that though, because KIX 2 has no air-Kondition in big parts of the building, and no boarding bridges what creates the situation, that the airport lends umbrellas to the passengers when they have to walk to their plane in case it is raining. Here are some pictures of the airport:


Another interesting construction is the tower of the airport which is shaped pretty weird… Also the airport has 2 runways one 3500 meters (11400ft) and the other one 4000 meters (13100ft) long.

The airport is served by 87 airlines which take you all over the world, and several cargo airlines too, which can land 24/7 because of the offshore location of the airport. Here is a link to the whole airline list:

The total cost for this huge project are around 20 Billion Dollars as of 2008. That made the airport management decide to desire the second greatest airport fees for airlines which lead to a major loss because of too less airlines serving the airport. This actually changed overtime and now it’s the 3rd busiest airport in Japan. Because of its offshore location in a bay, it experiences often strong crosswinds (a challenge for all of you who decide to join my control session), and was built to resist against typhoons and earthquakes that happen pretty often in Japan. It even survived Typhoon Jebi with 200 km/h wind velocity, without even having broken windows afterwards. However, a ship crashed into the bridge that connects the airport with mainland, what led to a closure of the airport for several weeks.


Anyways the whole island sinks 7cm every year what creates costs for lifting the island back up again, over and over again. Inspite of this great cost, there are plans to add a third runway and terminal.

This concludes my Osaka Kansai information post! I hope you enjoyed! Further information:


Mauritius (FIMP)

4. Port Louis (Mauritius) (FIMP):

The fourth and last airport featured by me for ATC training purposes is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, the airport of the capital Port Louis of Mauritius.


Mauritius is located in the south-west Indian Ocean near to Réunion and Madagaskar. Because of its beautiful landscape, a mix of beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest and mountains, it’s a very popular holiday destination to lots of nations.

As of this Mauritius is served by 20 airlines (9 of them seasonal) (as of 2014) besides the national airline Air Mauritius, which got known a lot better recently when ordering the A330neo as well as the A350 and leasing two A350 to SAA. Also they operate Airbus A340s and ATRs.


The airport is located 48km south-east of Port Louis and directly at the sea. Also it’s surrounded by a flat area, but you can see the inland mountains in the distance.


The airport itself consists out of 2 Terminals which are connected together and are seen as one often. The “second” terminal was opened in 2013 and is designed after a palm tree species (s. First picture) and even offers a boarding bridge for an A380. Besides that the old terminal is also getting refurbished. Furthermore the airport has one runway with a total length of 11,000ft which is very practical considering that a big part of the traffic is served by long haul aircraft like Boeing 777s and sometimes the A380 by Emirates.


For more Information visit:

That concludes my featured airport list (it’s almost an airport thread now lol) and I would be very happy if you could come around and fly some pattern or just depart somewhere! By doing so you could also enjoy the beautiful scenery! See you!

Please file flight plan - if you are flying to another airport - prior to contacting ATC ! Also only request takeoff + “remaining in the pattern” if you really stay in the pattern! Otherwise use “departure to x” commands!

Good day! This is my ATC tracking thread. I opened it because I am attending as an IFATC but I feel like I need to practice a bit more, especially pattern work. Because of that, I would highly appreciate if some of you could pop in and fly a few pattern, or just depart from the airport I am currently in. Also I am open to positive and negative feedback! ( also for my Thread)
Thanks to everybody who came around and supports me on my journey!

~ Maximilian

Note: Sadly I didn’t pass my first written test with 72% of 80 needed %,probably because I was too confident. Because of that I want to train even harder for the next 2 weeks until I can redo the test. Thanks for everyone supporting me anyways and trying to help me out! I would appreciate detailed feedback even more now! I can’t express how much I appreciate that and this whole community!


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