MaxHistoricRoutes: WWII Solomon Island Campaign “Guadalcanal & Bougainville”


MaxSez: Here’s the first in a series of historic routes that will showcase the locale of US Naval & Allied Air, Ground and Naval Operations in the Pacific Theater of Operations in early 1942/3. Our Australian Members had friends an family who served here as our allies, as always. Here they awaited Invasion from the WWII Japanese’s war machine as they waged total war across the Pacific and the Asian mainland.

The Solomon Campaign, Just miles from the Australia NE Coast stopped the Invasion and Japanese advanced in the Southwest Pacific cold. The map below showcases the action which included among other “The Battle of the the Coral Sea”, “Naval action in the Slot”, The 1st Major Amphibious Assault on a Defended Beach, “Guadalcanal” and the subsequent meat grinder at “Bougainville “among other actions of less renown.


Flight Plan… Guadalcanal (AGGH) - Bougainville (AYBK)
Recommended Aircraft: C-208 - DASH-8-400
Time/Distance/Height: Average; 2:50/415mi/FL050-FL060
Fuel Average: C-208; 1250lbs. Dash-8; 6350lbs. (Consider Winds Aloft)
(Caution: Fuel calculated by “Online Fuel Planner” reliability can not be judged, trust but verify!)

Footnote: This Historic Route can be flown from the the Australian mainland in a medium Trash Hauler. Brisbane (YBBN) is an Ideal starting point for a Round Robin. Choose Fuel Stops as required carefully. Solomon Is Airfield can be primitive dirt/grass/coral strips with no facilities. Honiara Airport (AGGH) on the Canal is the original site of “Henderson Field” built under fire by Seabee…


Don’t know how many times I’ve seen this in my U.S. Aviation History class, I absolutely love the info, keep it up! I actually have to fly this sometime.


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