MaxHistoricRoutes: Across The Pacific, The old Fashion Way!

BMaxHistoricRt: Across The Pacific the Old Fashion Way…

MaxSez: Here’s another Historic Route, parts of it where blazed by PanAm in the 30’s by Clipper, Earheart and her Electra are out there somewhere. If your into history you’ll recognize Midway & Wake Islands of WWll fame. Anderson AFB, Guam, the present home of US Strategic Bombers presence in the Pacific (B-52/B-1 at times) from which “Arc Light” Strike packages into NVN and the present show of force near NK originate(ed) and finally Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Jp, the Key Stone of the Pacific and the Jump off bastion for SE Asian US Military Air Ops in the region.

I flew this trip In “Fat Albert” and broke it down by day trip so I could linger and explore the Island hopping WWII campaigns of the Navy/Marines in the central Pacific.

You can start this Trip from almost any “B” aerodrome on the West Coast, the only long Haul is the Honolulu leg. If you utilize a Hawaii start you can make it all the way by Caravan with a few diversion or by Citation following the basic plan. (Gotta give great credit to the Airport Editors. The Pacific is a big place but some of the most obscure out of the way airports in the Marshall Islands and RimPac Island chains are plotted accurately as extrapolating from a WAC Chart, Well Done Gang!).

Here’s the Basic FltPlan, select your own diversions to areas of interest if your a WWII Buff or an old China/SEA Hands


Footnote: Please see the Topic “SR-72 Across the Pond” an Atlantic Great Circle Rt. Well Done, @Chad_Garnett


Caravan, you say? Will pack my parachute bag and a cruise box full of C-Rats and be on my way.


@GBIRD… MaxSez. Been there, Done That… Do a side trip to Subic, If you do don’t cross the bridge over the S### River without protection LOL

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The @GBIRD… You mean you don’t have an Olongapo Ribbon Sa’lla! The shame!


Jitney driver picked my pocket whilst I was otherwise amused watching pesos disappear from atop a San Magoo, and like magic reappear in my palm.


@GBIRD. MaxSez: You’ve odviously Been there and done that! What a good time we had when nobody was shooting at us. To be 20 again and know what I know now, Wow!!!


Haha, I love this Max! BZ award yourself, this is great! I’m 100% doing this, may even start tonight. This hits a few familiar sights and even an old home on Guam. Thanks for this.


Thank you Max, consider this cataloged!

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One question! Me and Ben are doing this together, but how do you do the first leg? It’s 9+ hours, yet the Cessna only carries 6 hours of fuel.

He said if you start in Hawaii 👍

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That’s no fun XD. we want to start on mainland : )

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You can always start on a bigger plane for the first leg, but yeah, it feels better to take the same aircraft all the way through.


Good Luck, There are devert Islands fields en-route from after Wake… Ya gotta look by expanding Chart Blocks for Class C-. Good Luck

PS: Use the Citation (a GA) from the States onward for the complete route
Shame they don’t provide an after market internal Rubber Blivet (Fuel Tank) for the Van. I’ve seen them used when I served in Hawaii and Okinawa. The Van is popular in the 3d world…


Over the next week I will be flying this route. If anyone wants to join me, they are welcome to. I will be leaving later tonight from LAX, to where I will fly to San Nicolas Island, a brief 75 mile flight from LAX. Their, I shall top off and continue to Honolulu. This will be done in the C-130. After that, it will be 208 to my end location of Hiroshima Japan. Hope others can join me.


Currently flying around the world in a MD11 on 8 different legs (half way round at the present should finish by end of the weekend),but I reckon this looks a great challenge for rest of Jan in a “Herc”. Thanks for the inspiration @Maxmustang, timeforme to switch off that Loran-C and blow the dust of my sextant…

Fair seas and a following Wind!


@David_Lockwood… MaxSez: Good on ya Dave, Some great side trips just off the designated route, brake out your WWII history books.

Had to chuckle when I noted your Ref to “LORAN-C” you are an old Shell Back, plus a “Sextant” aw the days of Ironman and wooden ships. Rumor has it “E-LORAN” is being considered to replace C which closed out. In this day and age of sophisticated Ewarfare GPS is just to vulnerable to intrusion and jamming a back up appear a necessity, although an EMP will Down the whole E-Grid…
Keep the faith SeaDog, Warm Regards

(Sidenote: The Burmuda Costee LORAN-C Station was on my patrol route in the 60’s when I was stationed there. Drank a lot of coffee+ with the watch keeper back in the good old days. I was there when JFK got shot, Pulled the station colors to half staff and stood the watch at the consulate condolence book! Lest we forget)

Interesting route, Max. I bet it was real fun and exciting when you flew it. What are some scenery highlights in the route?

@Delta_Alpha_Lima. MaxSez: All Central Pacific Tropical Atalls or Island look alike to me, expect a solid beach outline on Approach, way out. Interesting the way the map makers slid the airports into the new photo based enviornment. RWays are accurate. The Best rway rendition is at Wake Island, the hardtop is awash and not visible from a distance, Your on the GPS lookin at blue water & your fuel gage till magically rway in sight at about 1 1/2 mikes. Great day tripper, short legs. Regards


not that old a shell back…well getting there anyway my leatherneck friend! Just as a finished learning all about LORAN-C it was closed down…least said about DECCA the better!

Was delivering JET A-1 during 2nd Gulf War as navigator on a tanker where due to the restrictions the Marine GPS had been turned off so we had to return to pen and pencil nav with the aid of the stars and the sun. All Good Fun.

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