MaxGo's: Vinland/Scotland + NTransoceanTrack/NPolor /EU Rt's Landfalls! (+Complete FfPlan )(Direct Routing is boring! )

MaxSez: Planing to fly to the EU from the US?
I routinely Fly the North Atlantic Tracks or the North Polar Route via Iceland/Greenland, (Direct is boring plus you gather more hours and XP on any of these routes.)

On these routes The leg (s) from Ice/Greenland to the Continent are all important! (Fuel state/required speed/ height reductions considered.)

For the EU Continental Landfall; I prefer “Stornaway, Scotland” (EGPO) as the first “I Made IT Nav Fix “ leaving the broad NAtlantic behind.

Stornaway is just one of a few option which are presented in the Annotated Flight Plan presented below.

Recommender: EU Landfalls; Faros Islands, Vinland (EGVG), Stornaway, Scotland (EGPE) & Aberdeen, Scotland (EGPD)

Regards All, Fly W/ A purpose! Max Sends


That is why a lot of pond hoppers take it up to the two lands. It is good for fuel and appeases the ETOPs gods.

Thank you for the helpful information as always Max. It is helpful.

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