MaxGAChallenge; ASPIN Roaring Fork Visual Approach #15 (Revised/O2, Hypoxia,Lesson Learned!

MaxSez: Want a GA Challenge and scenic flight fly an XCub ,172, TBM or Caravan (Citation excluded) to Aspin Colorado. Depart KDEN (Denver) Direct KASE. RECOVER at KASE via RedTable (GBL)/Basalt town Fix /River Route utilizing the Approach Plate Below. Good Luck. (See Max Hypoxia Lesson Learned Comment Below)
Max Sends


One of my favorite approaches!


Definitely going to fly this route this weekend. Thanks Max.

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Might fly that in 20 minutes, is the TBM good?

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@Josh_Tomaz… MaxSez: TBM added, go for it. (Lov those reciprocator!)
Regards Max

MaxSez: Just a reminder: If you fly for “real” keep in mind this is mountain flyin. Hypoxia will be evident at some point in this journey.
FL0400, O2 required…“Cross Compartment” (valley alternates) in yr Flight Plan (deviations) will be required.

What elevation is oxygen required?

(Today’s RW Lesson: For non-pressurized private aircraft operating in the US, crew members are required to use oxygen/masks if the cabin altitude stays above 12,500 ft for more than 30 minutes, or if the cabin altitude reaches 14,000 ft at any time. At altitudes above 15,000 ft, passengers are required to be provided oxygen /masks as well.(Source : FAR)

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